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Will/would you support recycled water?

Should Islamic clothing be banned?

Abortion - should it be legal?

Does gun ownership reduce the crime rate?

Who should say sorry to the Aborigines?

Should prostitution be legalised?

Should we change the Australian flag?

should homosexuality be censored in public?

9/11 conspiracy - Was CIA involved in destroying Twin Towers?

National service

Which country is the biggest threat to Oz?

What is the future of Australia?

Which is more evil? National Socialism or Communism

Are we anti-intellectuals?

What do you consider yourself? Realist Liberalist Communist Socialist Nationalist Centrist Monarchist Other

Which suits you best? Hippy Multiculturst Marxist Nationalist National socialist Liberalist Capitalist Individualist

Who's going to win the next federal election?

If Howard wins election, will Costello take over?

Pauline does a Mark Latham - Will you buy the book?

Does ausnats pic offend you?

Can you see the google ads?

What is your screen resolution?

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