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  The newest 20 Board Topics
No. Board Name Topic Started By Views Replies Last Post on Topic
1. General Board The truth about trans people FutureTheLeftWant 6892 811 Last Post Today at 11:52am
By: FutureTheLeftWant
2. Environment The fallacy of the Greens Bobby. 8326 325 Last Post Today at 11:51am
By: thegreatdivide
3. Relationships Wordle Aussie 22204 1526 Last Post Today at 11:44am
By: Aussie
4. Federal Politics The 28 pedo suspects covered up Bobby. 7 1 Last Post Today at 11:44am
By: Bobby.
5. America Joe Biden is senile Captain Nemo 4 0 Last Post Today at 11:43am
By: Captain Nemo
6. Relationships Quordle Redmond Neck 163 16 Last Post Today at 11:43am
By: Aussie
7. Thinking Globally Putin orders mobilisation. Bobby. 2943 378 Last Post Today at 11:40am
By: athos
8. Thinking Globally The Climate Change Cult will not like this wombatwoody 2060 178 Last Post Today at 11:39am
By: thegreatdivide
9. General Board Gerry Harvey Sparks Outrage Over China Take whiteknight 179 25 Last Post Today at 11:36am
By: MeisterEckhart
10. Federal Politics Pauline Hanson Ron 393 47 Last Post Today at 11:34am
By: Bias_2012
11. General Board Which comes first-The chicken or the Time Traveler MeisterEckhart 208 33 Last Post Today at 11:31am
By: MeisterEckhart
12. Europe who blew up the gas pipeline? Bobby. 30 5 Last Post Today at 11:15am
By: capitosinora
13. Food What was your dinner tonight? Bobby. 254 37 Last Post Today at 10:32am
By: Bobby.
14. Technically Speaking Optus customers hacked. Bobby. 1539 153 Last Post Today at 10:21am
By: Bobby.
15. Health and Welfare Weight loss challenge UnSubRocky 111509 918 Last Post Today at 10:21am
By: Gordon
16. Health and Welfare On the wagon Redmond Neck 259 13 Last Post Today at 10:09am
By: UnSubRocky
17. General Board Firewall Subscriptions buzzanddidj 31 4 Last Post Today at 9:46am
By: Frank
18. General Board Optus hack was negligence FutureTheLeftWant 26 3 Last Post Today at 9:39am
By: Lisa Jones
19. Thinking Globally What's on tomorrow? wombatwoody 500 52 Last Post Today at 9:00am
By: Mattyfisk
20. Europe putin takes sons from their family to kill them Sprintcyclist 246 23 Last Post Today at 8:48am
By: Marla