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1  Member Run Boards / Islam / Re: Are Jihad and Martyrdom in the Bible?
 on: Today at 11:26pm 
Started by Brian Ross | Post by Brian Ross  
Frank wrote Today at 9:35pm:
Brian Ross wrote Yesterday at 11:30pm:
Why are loony Rightards always trying to cover the major fact of the world today, Christianity is a ritual cannibalistic death cult and has failed the Christian people dismally?  Roll Eyes

He's struggling and flailing and squealing and squeaking, this little stuck pig!

Oh, dearie, dearie, me.  I know I've won a debate with you, Soren 'cause you always reach deep into your bucket of mud and start throwing it at me.  Tsk, tsk.  Have fun, little kiddie.   Roll Eyes


2  Member Run Boards / Islam / Re: Is the Bible more cunning than the Quran?
 on: Today at 11:24pm 
Started by Abu | Post by Brian Ross  
Frank wrote Today at 8:28pm:
Brian Ross wrote Today at 2:54pm:
xeej wrote Yesterday at 6:10pm:
Islam is on the nose, why do millions of them walk around and around in circles throwing rocks at a brick wall.

Why do millions kneel to pray to Yahweh?
Why do millions throw coloured powders over each other to pray to Hindu gods?
Why did hundreds of thousands kill a few select Aztecs to make the sun come up in the morning?

Why do Christians conduct crusades to kill millions of innocent Muslim people?

Some people just do crazy things to appear devote and devoted.   Roll Eyes

Tell me what's not to hate and fear about Islam, mindless, spineless twerp.

Oh, I think you just have to tolerate it, Soren.  We all know you secretly want to build camps with the words "Arbeit macht frei" over the entrances, don't you?  Tsk, tsk.   Roll Eyes

3  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: Newstart Boost Needed Labor Backbenchers Say
 on: Today at 11:22pm 
Started by whiteknight | Post by juliar  
Now for the enlightened policy.

The best form of welfare is a job. With a stronger economy, more than 1.3 million more Australians are in jobs since September 2013.

230,000 fewer Australians are on income support than four years ago.

The rate of welfare dependency is now the lowest it has been in 30 years (14.3% of working age Australians are on welfare – down from 16.5% under Labor).

A strong safety net is part of Australia’s national ethos. But the right to welfare comes with responsibilities.

We are delivering greater support — and expectations — for job seekers.

Labor let Work for the Dole wither. We’ve reinvigorated it.

This year, around 69,000 Australians will participate in Work for the Dole (up from just 17,000 in 2009-10).

Nearly 75% of those who participate in Work for the Dole reported that it increased their desire to find a job. Around 26% of participants found a job within three months.

For those with a drug and alcohol problem, we’re changing the rules.

Under our plan, those on welfare affected by drugs and alcohol will now be required to undertake available treatment.

If it is refused, we will no longer accept drug and alcohol use as a legitimate excuse for missing a job interview or training.

We are also seeking to trial random drug tests for 5,000 new recipients of Newstart and Youth Allowance in three locations - Canterbury Bankstown (NSW), Logan (QLD) and Mandurah (WA). Unfortunately, legislation is being blocked by Labor in the Senate.

The Cashless Welfare Card helps ensure vulnerable people get the basic essentials of life, such as food, housing, electricity and education.

So far, the card has been trialled in four locations - Ceduna (SA), the East Kimberley region of WA, the Goldfields region of WA and the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay region in Queelsland.

In these trials, we have seen 48% of drug takers using fewer drugs, 41% of drinkers drinking less, and 48% of gamblers gambling less.

We have increased checks through data matching to over 600,000 every year. This is half a million more than when Labor was in government (2012-13).

Taxpayers saved $1.4 billion during 18 months (to December 2017), from a Government crackdown on welfare fraud and non-compliance.

In one extreme case, someone used an alias to claim disability support, fleecing taxpayers more than $160,000. They were found guilty of fraud and sentenced to three years jail.

The majority of job-seekers do the right thing by actively looking for work.

For the minority that don’t, we’re introducing a clearer and fairer system of compliance.

We are introducing stronger compliance measures, like better relationship verification steps to ensure people only receive payments they should.

A new program called ParentsNext is helping disadvantaged parents break the cycle of dependency.

From March 2020, the Government will introduce a new, single JobSeeker Payment, which will replace or consolidate seven existing payments.

A simpler system means less money is spent on red tape.

4  Member Run Boards / Islam / Re: Is the Bible more cunning than the Quran?
 on: Today at 11:22pm 
Started by Abu | Post by Brian Ross  
All of Chrisitan bigots rubbish can never alter the facts:

Christians are the major global terrorist threat.

Christians cause the global refugee problem.

Christians slaughter kids with starvation and refugee trauma.

Christians cause non-Christians to be a major burden on the rest of the world, they're fleeing from each other and demanding that the hated infidel feed and shelter them.

Christians right now are slaughtering people as their offering to Yahweh.

Christians have rendered the homelands and birth place of Christianity into a pile of worthless rubble.

Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

5  General Discussion / America / Re: Drain the Swamp
 on: Today at 11:21pm 
Started by it_is_the_light | Post by Dnarever  
Richdude wrote Today at 10:36pm:
The Russian hacking conspiracy theory

There was no Russian hacking of the DNC server. The files were downloaded onto most likely a thumbdrive by an insider

Also Bill Binny ex technical director for the DNI stated that a hacking could not have occurred because of the speed of download.


I don't think anyone has told you why these claims are rubbish.

1) there are many different hacking methods. The method you describe here is still hacking. Gaining physical access to a server to steal data is still hacking. What has been said does not show that no hacking occured in fact it supports the claims of hacking.

2) the comment "most likely a thumb drive" is a bit silly. The hackers got about 400 Gig of data off of about 40 computers, some at different sites ?

3) another possibility for quick download would be to collect data on a local server as a less secure distribution point.

4) every investigation has found that it was the Russians and known russian hacking tools were removed from the computers.

5) the stories about the download speed etc may well be fake news as so much of it was ill informed.

6  Member Run Boards / Islam / Re: Is the Bible more cunning than the Quran?
 on: Today at 11:19pm 
Started by Abu | Post by Brian Ross  
Mr Hammer wrote Today at 4:01pm:
Brian Ross wrote Today at 3:54pm:
Are Christians the craziest because of their global religious terrorism threat, their status of creating the global refugee problem, their asinine slaughter of little kids with starvation and refugee trauma, their religious desires to inflict their religion on everybody, kill humans with drone dropped bombs, oppress non-Christians, kill people for  blasphemy or mocking of their sicko saviour etc. etc..

It seems the Christians are in a class of their own when it comes to the sickening depravity they pursue in their quest to have religion which they enforce globally.  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Now trade the word Christians with Muslims. Fairs fair. But you won't do that.

You are betraying just how foolish you really are, Hammer.  Please stop, it is embarrassing to see.  Tsk, tsk.   Roll Eyes

7  Member Run Boards / Islam / Re: Quranic createdness
 on: Today at 11:18pm 
Started by Auggie | Post by Brian Ross  
Frank wrote Today at 8:25pm:
Brian Ross wrote Yesterday at 11:27pm:
Frank wrote Yesterday at 9:14pm:
Brian Ross wrote on Jul 20th, 2019 at 11:22pm:
Frank wrote on Jul 20th, 2019 at 8:02pm:
You never tell us what YOU like about Islam, Bwian.

Well, what DO you, punk?

I don't have to like it, Soren.  I just have to tolerate it, which I do.  I tolerate the ordinary, everyday, law-abiding, well adjusted, assimilated Muslims, Soren. You, however cannot it seems tolerate it.   You cannot differentiate between what you believe Muslims believe and what Muslims actually do.  There is a difference.   Unlike you, I'm not frightened by Muslims.  I have served with/studied with/worked with numerous Muslims over the years.   You cross the street to avoid them.  Tsk, tsk.   Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Every time you (and all the other 'Bwians') are put on the spot about Islam, you immediately start talking about "everyday, law-abiding, well adjusted, assimilated" Nazis and how much you love and tolerate them, how you work with them, and how there is nothing to worry about the Nazis just because they believe in something you don't actually like one bit, like Islam and so forth.  You would never, ever be so limp-wristed about, say, an Abbott voter and her beliefs. You would be frothing like a rabid fox simply because what she believed in even though she would be a most respectable matron of the CWA.

Oh, dearie, dearie, me.  Tsk, tsk, poor, poor, Soren.  Run along boy, back to your little kiddies' playground where you belong.   Roll Eyes

We DO SEE your spinelessness, hypocritical, despicably two-faced  switcheroo every time, Bwian.  You are an open book of dishonest spinelessness.

And that's your pr-Muslim gif, Bwian, a blonde little kiddie falling over.

Actually, I thought it was you, playing in your favourite mud patch, Soren.  Sure looks like you.

You and your cohort are dam spineless, gutless, enemies of the people who have spawned you. An alien bursting out of the breast of your people and scuttling menacingly about the place, looking for opportunities to damage and degrade. Nothing good comes of your ilk, Bwian.

Oh, dearie, dearie, me.  Spoken like a true Nazi, hey?  Next you'll be suggesting I'm a "race traitor" or some other bullshit, hey, Soren?  Run along, play in your favourite mud patch. It will do you so much good, getting covered with all that lovely, sticky mud which you like to throw at those people who stand up to your bullyboy tactics.


8  Member Run Boards / Islam / Re: Still?
 on: Today at 11:14pm 
Started by moses | Post by Brian Ross  
More excuses, excuses as usual, Moses.  You forget, this is in the Christian Bible.  It provides the basis for Christian Terrorism.  It provides the moral underpinning of Christian military campaigns.  Tsk, tsk.   How typical of you to try and explain it all away.   Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Until you address the evil contained in your own Holy Book, Moses, all you're doing is whistling dixie.  What was it that Christ once suggested?

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone...

John 8:7

When your religion is blameless you might be able to criticise Islam, Moses.

Until then, you're just showing how much of a pseudo-Christian you really are.   Roll Eyes

9  Member Run Boards / Multiculturalism and Race / Re: Abo recognition referendum
 on: Today at 11:05pm 
Started by Redmond Neck | Post by Brian Ross  
rhino wrote Today at 7:04pm:
Brian Ross wrote Today at 3:50pm:
rhino wrote Today at 3:49pm:
So according to Brian wanting equality is racist . Id love to take a trip into his mind just to experience the bizarre thought patterns.

When your thinking is apparently motivated to produce a racist result, what am I supposed to believe, Rhino?  That you just want everybody to be equal or you want some people to be less than equal, Mmmm?    Roll Eyes
Dont let any factual information bother you in your crusade to label everyone who disagrees with your poor reasoning a racist.

You are it appears deliberately missing the point, Rhino.  Hardly surprising, really.  Trot along, off to the little kiddies' playground where your beliefs are acceptable.   Roll Eyes

10  General Discussion / America / Re: Mexicans Want Illegal Immigrants Deported
 on: Today at 11:04pm 
Started by Richdude | Post by Richdude  
Abu wrote Today at 8:31am:
Richdude wrote Today at 7:56am:
greggerypeccary wrote Today at 7:21am:
Abu wrote Yesterday at 11:04pm:
Rich never said there's anything wrong with being racist, Weak One.


The racists in here are proud of their "superiority".

Just ask Homo.

Racism is a product of "group think". Associating people into groups - so common with the deranged left. Mature people see others as individuals. Often of course people tend to "project" what they fear in themselves onto others eg Weak End.

However there is nothing wrong with people wanting to associate with others the same as themselves. Japanese like to associate with Japanese, Jews with Jews, blacks with blacks.........

So why are you posting on an Australian board, Rich?

Because I choose to! You?