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1  General Discussion / America / Re: Intolerance of Leftist CNN reporter Kate Bennett
 on: Today at 7:14am 
Started by Yadda | Post by Yadda  
Richdude wrote Today at 1:58am:

Lefty's hate Shapiro and riot to prevent him from speaking.

Logic is offensive to them.

Throughout this 21st century.....

We see Lefty's and ANTIFA types time and time again,      trying to    physically    disrupt any public speaking event,
where the speaker [who by reputation] will express any views or opinions which disagree with Lefty's and ANTIFA's political views and opinions.

These tactics clearly show that Lefty's and ANTIFA's types,        are not interested in OPEN, and PUBLIC debate and OPEN scrutiny of political issues,
in order to ascertain where the truth is.

Lefty's and ANTIFA's types MUST employ such tactics,           because their own arguments and opinions would always be seen to be so weak and illogical and riven with hypocrisy [whenever they are exposed to OPEN, and PUBLIC debate and OPEN scrutiny],
that the only 'viable' course for these ideological actors, is to seek to prevent any other voices from being heard.

From their 'activist' tactics, it is clear for all to deduce, that Lefty's and ANTIFA types,
all support totalitarian, fascist methods       of suppressing liberty, of suppressing open public debate and of suppressing accountability, on the 'political street'.

They are, and they use,      the methods of political suppression,     of Hitler-ites, totalitarians, and fascists.

It is what they are, politically.

2  General Discussion / America / Re: History of the Fed
 on: Today at 6:42am 
Started by Richdude | Post by Sad KangAnon  
I don't have time to watch the video now, but going by the title, anyone who knows the history of the FED knows what you're talking about.

But when you start making conspiracy theories about it, or spinning a web to excuse Trump's mistakes, don't get too far ahead of yourself.

Remember, whatever conspiracy you use to defend Trump, it also applies to every President before him.

All your claims about the terrible Obama economy (you know, the ones that to date has been strong enough to withstand the Trump era, for now), that's not his fault, but the FEDs yeah?

3  General Discussion / America / Re: The Wall.
 on: Today at 6:39am 
Started by Aussie | Post by Sad KangAnon  
Welcome back Smiley

4  General Discussion / America / Re: Mr Trump breaks more records
 on: Today at 6:38am 
Started by Karnal | Post by Sad KangAnon  
Karnal wrote Yesterday at 10:07pm:
Emmett S. Beliveau, chief executive of Barack Obama's inaugural committee, called Trump's spending "astronomical".

How is this surprising?

Trump has been spending money he doesn't have, or other people money like nobodies business for decades.  Being a "1 page guy", he doesn't read full contracts either, so finding out you have to pay back loans!?  Nah, just declare bankruptcy.

5  General Discussion / America / History of the Fed
 on: Today at 6:38am 
Started by Richdude | Post by Richdude  

"The greatest scam in American history".

Excellent analysis of the the monetary system.

6  General Discussion / America / Re: Trump wants to pull out of NATO
 on: Today at 6:35am 
Started by longweekend58 | Post by Sad KangAnon  
Build the wall?

Take over the local policing to give Trump his dictatorship?

7  General Discussion / America / Re: Trump's Bogus Bone Spurs
 on: Today at 6:34am 
Started by AiA | Post by Sad KangAnon  
Didn't Trump boast about having the best memory, but when asked which foot had the spurs, that magically, almost miraculously have healed itself since, without any medical intervention, he couldn't remember which foot her was claiming had the affliction?

8  General Discussion / America / Re: The Wall.
 on: Today at 6:32am 
Started by Aussie | Post by aquascoot  
sorry lads for my absence.

on the subject of social media ?

the naive leftie thought that this would bring us all together to solve the worlds problems.

but it has merely put everyone into an echo chamber

the mainstream media are no better.

CNN and MSNBC are driven by advertising and ratings .  and they measure the ratings every 30 minutes.

with a leftie audience, they MUST pander to the lefties to keep the shareholders happy.

Fox news is the same

social media gives you a personalised news feed based on what you LIKE to read. (and funded by eyeballs and advertising).

so the left and the right are now in 2 seperate camps and there is zero ability for them to talk to each other.

and with no ability to talk, all that is left is to fight.

so , thats my take on the current situation.

study of oz politics is quite revealing.

the leftie posters and the rightie posters just become more extreme, the more they interact with each other.

thats the polarisation of society and i think its a phenomenom worth studying because it will greatly affect what follows.

i find trump to be a fascinating phenomenom.

if you cant learn about people by studying trump, if you cant gather intel, you are missing the point of trump.

trump is testing new paradigms all the time.
he is revealing so much about what people are really like.

he has certainly revealed that most people are pretty much stuck in a durr state and have zero ability to think with nuance.

i think he is like a nuclear bomb of evolutionary pressure.

those on the right see him as a cult leader
those on the left see him as a bumbling retard.

he is neither.

he is just a guy who understands peoples deep inner workings on a level that few before have understood them.

he understands that if you put people in a beautiful warm spa and fed them grapes and all they had to do was to lie there in bliss, they would blow the spa up in 48 hours just so something interesting would happen.

trump is an entertainer and people just want to be entertained
they dont want to think, they care nought for the truth, they just want to be stimulated  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

9  General Discussion / America / Re: Pelosi Tells F A T Orange Go Eat A Dick
 on: Today at 6:32am 
Started by Marla | Post by Sad KangAnon  
It's a clever move.  Trump would use the address to try to lie and blame the Shutdown on the Dems, despite the fact that he already claimed the shutdown as his own, and his Republican team are refusing a vote on the Dems spending bills to allow the Government to reopen.

I wouldn't want to give Trump that platform, especially seeing about how much he lied during his last televised speech.

But one thing is for sure, this has triggered him like nothing else before.  The Dems have finally figured out how to get under his skin.

Also, it seems like his speech writers had planned on blaming the Dems for everything so we're not missing much, just more lies, more deceit all to protect his election chances. 

It won't be a State of the Union Address, just another Trump lie filled tantrum rant.

10  General Discussion / America / Re: Intolerance of Leftist CNN reporter Kate Bennett
 on: Today at 6:25am 
Started by Yadda | Post by Sad KangAnon  
Richdude wrote Today at 5:46am:
The left cannot deal with opposing opinions especially truthful and logical discussion.

So you're a leftie then?

Do I need to start keeping track of the threads you abandon, like I used to with Mech or Light, when your lies have been exposed or you've been undone by a logical argument from someone else?

You the last person who should attempt to sit on that high horse... You'll get bucked and trampled if you try...

If you want to make blanket statements about the left you'd better make damns sure you're not guilty of the same.

Trump might be able to get away with that sort of thing, but you're even more pathetic than he is, it's not going to work for you.