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1  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: My Prediction For The ScoMo Government.
 on: Today at 4:34pm 
Started by Brendon | Post by it_is_the_Roo  
They weren't expecting to win, so they booby trapped the economy, now they'll have to spring the trap...

2  Member Run Boards / Film, Television and Radio / Re: Greggy gone forever.
 on: Today at 4:33pm 
Started by Bobby. | Post by mothra  
Stay and fight Greg.

3  General Discussion / America / Re: Drain the Swamp
 on: Today at 4:32pm 
Started by it_is_the_light | Post by it_is_the_light  
Karnal wrote Today at 4:13pm:
Karnal wrote Today at 12:56am:
Karnal wrote Yesterday at 9:56am:
Karnal wrote Yesterday at 12:01am:
Dear one, why wilt one such as Thou Art not commit to thy prophecies?

Comey is still at large. The rest won't be indicted, as everybody knows. Not one of your predictions will bear fruit. Not one has yet, as every schoolboy knows.

If you won't agree to confess if you're proven wrong, will you commit to following one such as I Am to become a fisher of men for all PeRpEtUiTy?

This is my promise to thee. Wilt thou commit? Why or why not?


Dear one?

Dearest? Thou hast not responded in kind.

Dear one, thou art spinelessly evading. What dost one such as You Are fear?

Art thou not a PATRIOT?

many blessings lovey ,

you look so delightful in your female icon ... and yet

ones such as we be are talking ,speaking upon and extrapolating on fact and truth

and as such we shall not be abled to complete such an endeavour if we are chasing every little idiocy down the rabbit hole in the warren

oh no beloved , we wont now will we .. and so

we prefer the aforementioned fact and truth to deliver as much upon this almanac of evidence concerning DraiNinG The sWaMp, do attemtp to keep up ,

and feel free to comment upon this morsel

William Barr and John Durham are Waiting for the Inspector General's Recommendations

4  General Discussion / General Board / Re: Ivan Milat
 on: Today at 4:32pm 
Started by strolling bones | Post by Sir Spot of Borg  
Gordon wrote Today at 4:00pm:
mothra wrote Today at 3:50pm:
PZ547 wrote Today at 2:42pm:
Seems everyone's forgetting the brand new backpacks the cops carried into the Milat place

and forgetting the stripey jumper of one of the victims was not the same, although similar, to that produced as evidence

I think he was stitched up

Is there anything at all that isn't a conspiracy to you?

Your capacity to lurk even off the edge of the fringe is spectacular.

Most people think there was another killer which leads some off in strange directions of why a 2nd was never charged and opens the door to all kinds whacky theories.

he had a mate whose name i never knew who i never saw in the news . . . . .


5  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: Voting reform in the House of Reps
 on: Today at 4:29pm 
Started by Auggie | Post by Bam  
Auggie wrote Today at 1:26pm:
If you accept the effectiveness of the parliamentary system of government, then the way that it's most effective if one party controls the House of Reps in order to implement its agenda.

No. Then we get bad laws getting passed too often. The Senate would be the only defence against bad laws and as we have seen recently, the Senate will tend to wave through bad legislation. Worse, the governing party gets a majority in both houses. Last time that happened, we got Workchoices.

6  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: Scomo rules O.K.
 on: Today at 4:29pm 
Started by red baron | Post by Redmond Neck  
red baron wrote Today at 4:10pm:
There is a saying, "the winners can smile and the losers can suit themselves." Pretty much sums it up huh?

When the arsehole is faced with an economy downturn which is coming, and introduces an Abbott style mini budget lets see who is smiling!

Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

7  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life !
 on: Today at 4:26pm 
Started by Redmond Neck | Post by macman  
Mr Hammer wrote Today at 2:10pm:
mothra wrote Today at 2:07pm:
cods wrote Today at 2:05pm:
oh its the sour grape mob..

I wondered when you would start... Smiley Smiley

I saw you comment earlier on graciousness in defeat. From what i have seen of you on the boards today, you certainly do not believe in graciousness in victory.

Only because you were all so confident. I love seeing bigheads go down. And I didn't vote for scomo.

Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

8  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: Scomo rules O.K.
 on: Today at 4:23pm 
Started by red baron | Post by macman  
PZ547 wrote Today at 3:18pm:
John Smith wrote Today at 3:14pm:
PZ547 wrote Today at 3:08pm:
Well who's fault's that?

that's what they need to look at

Agreed.  It's no fun being stuck with the same crook government because the opposition failed to do its job.  All we got from this exercise is more millions in debt for a flub election

Oh no, much more than that. We get to see these incompetent clowns left with their own failing economy to manage. As I said previously, sad for australia but thems the breaks.

9  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: Now will Palmer pay his workers entitlements ?
 on: Today at 4:21pm 
Started by Sir lastnail | Post by Sir lastnail  
lee wrote Today at 3:26pm:
Sir lastnail wrote Today at 3:24pm:
A bunch of crooks with the integrity of a used car salesman or real estate agent

Oh where did you read that? Or was it when you were shopping for a used EV?

lets see if palmer pays his workers. I doubt it. LNP supporters are good at ripping off workers. It's in their DNA Sad

10  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: Three things sunk Labor
 on: Today at 4:21pm 
Started by Armchair_Politician | Post by Redmond Neck  
juliar wrote Today at 4:19pm:
1. Shorten's Frankenstein appearance.
2. Shorten's lying. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all the time.
3. Shorten's horrible droning moaning groaning wooden noise that came out of his cake hole.
Shorty was hopeless at Public Appearances as his union style wooden barking was repulsive.

1. Allan Jones on 2GB
2. Murdoch
3. The ABC Women's Weekly.
Shorty lost control of the media which ripped the horrible lying little coot to shreds.

1. The NSW Libs thrilling win.
2. Clive Palmer's damning speech on 2GB.
3. The fear of the LUNATIC EXTREMIST GREENIES reducing Australia to a smoldering 4th world wreck.

1. The manipulation of NewsPoll which frightened the bejesus out of the voters by making them think Labor would get in and wreck their lives.
2. The disgusting childish behavior of the slimy GetUp! creeps.
3. The fear that Shorten was following the whitlam disaste model and would untimately get dismissed by the GG.

2.Cripple the power system and make power 4 times as expensive.
3. Ban free speech.

1. Steal money from the retirees and pensioners.
2. Send small business bankrupt with their PENALTY RATES abuse.
3. Wreck the housing market and make existing houses almost worthless and make rents extremely expensive.


Grin Grin