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1  General Discussion / Chat / Re: Accents
 on: Today at 1:32am 
Started by The_Barnacle | Post by UnSubRocky  
JaSin. wrote Yesterday at 10:26pm:
So Sydney & Hobart were made from Convicts.
Melbourne was made by Miners.
Adelaide was made from sophisticated stock(?)
Brisbane and Perth - made from what??

Made from getting away from the scumholes of Sydney and Melbourne.

2  General Discussion / General Board / Re: What title should we bestow on Australia's leader?
 on: Today at 1:31am 
Started by Auggie | Post by Ye Grappler  
World's Greatest Goof-off....

Oh - I thought you meant Our Esteemed Leader Of The Moment....

El Presidente..... we need a change  and any change is better than nothing even if a 'republic' fails here due to mental insufficiency of both the electorate and the political parties.... both seem to think more about erections than they do about actual running of the nation on behalf of its people...

Talk about Les Grand Prix!

3  General Discussion / Chat / Re: Accents
 on: Today at 1:29am 
Started by The_Barnacle | Post by Ye Grappler  
rhino wrote Yesterday at 10:39pm:
Setanta wrote Yesterday at 8:32pm:
Ye Grappler wrote Yesterday at 8:21pm:
J.D. wrote Yesterday at 8:14pm:
Gordon wrote Yesterday at 6:40pm:
Adelaide accent.  Either trashy bogan or plummy snob

Adelaides accent is more sophisticated than everywhere else in Australia, it didn't evolve from common criminals, it wasn't a penal settlement.

Exactly what's wrong with the joint.... and WA... way out of touch.... their criminals are more firmly entrenched than ours - ours are on display every day... and they specialise in serial killing and funny murders once past The Great Divide line at the End of The Known Universe just past Broken Hill... drive too far that way and you'll drop into one might big sink-hole...

As a West Aussie, Oi object!
yeah, but its true. WA was isolated in the old days and I suspect quite a bit of inbreeding.

Could be the cause of that odd way of looking at life in Australia - they DID elect Dar Cormannator who hass no idea off der vay zis gountry oberates..... bud id iss boomink unter der Liperal goffernment un der chobs vor der dole bluchers are ready und vaiting iv dey chust ged orf deir arse!

WTF is a guy like that doing on OUR payroll for life?   Roll Eyes  Thanks WA - you really send over some beauties.... but it's not worth paying the cont for life just for his comedy contribution to our daily life...

4  General Discussion / Chat / Re: Accents
 on: Today at 1:25am 
Started by The_Barnacle | Post by Ye Grappler  
Wassa madda wiv you, myte?  Ya reckons Oi talks in some funny way, does ya?

5  General Discussion / America / Re: Stop the steal!
 on: Today at 1:23am 
Started by Richdude | Post by Ye Grappler  
Hardly read his nonsense (LYTC that is) .... once in a blue moon he actually brings up something of value to the discussion... but then he fades away again.... it's almost like he takes personal offence at being praised for the one decent comment he makes in a day or so....

Funny lad, overall..... it's just not worth trawling through his inanities to find the few small pieces of gold...

6  General Discussion / Europe / Re: Real Brits
 on: Today at 1:16am 
Started by Sprintcyclist | Post by Ye Grappler  

7  General Discussion / America / Re: LTYC is a Biden troll
 on: Today at 1:02am 
Started by Richdude | Post by Bias_2012  
Trump is still the President and may remain so. There was a lot of cheating going on when counting the votes to make it look like Biden won - we'll see

8  General Discussion / America / Re: ⮞ Americans Exercise Their 2A Right to Firearms ⮜
 on: Today at 12:52am 
Started by Panther | Post by mortdooley  
I have plenty of choices, Mort.  Just as many as you, except I can't own a semi-automatic longarm or a pump-action shotgun.  Do I need them?  No. Do I want them?  No.  I had plenty of pleasure with them and many fully automatic weapons when I was in the Army.  I worked those childish fantasies out of my system.  Ooops, I mentioned guns, didn't I? Naughty me.  Oh, dearie, dearie, me

I doubt your society would be less safe without those restrictions, however it does tell the population who is in charge.

Of course our State pays unemployment, you have to have worked first to qualify for it.

And how long does it last and and at what level is it?

Pre-covid it was 26 weeks maximum and I don't know the top dollar amount but it is based on wages and total income for covered period. Now you can get 39 weeks and a maximum of $600 a week from this federal relief program. If you made $400 per week at the job you lost you will not get $600 per week to replace lost wages. The unemployed will probably get less than half of that.

They still drew 8 million (approximately) more votes than Trump did.  They won.  Trump lost

But there is plenty of evidence that 8 million more people did not vote. More than likely 10 million less people voted for Biden than Trump!

McCann wasn't a loser for getting captured, if not for his father he wouldn't have even been in a jet to get shot down after his fatal screw up on the USS Forrestal!

Yet that was how Trump described him.  Are you suggesting that Trump was wrong?

Trump was reacting to unprovoked attacks by McCain and in hindsight he probably would have preferred a different response. President Trump has always been a threat to the Oligarchy and McCain was part of it. It is a closed club and neither he nor us is part of it! McCain always was an unprincipled swamp creature!

Amazing how you describe your fellow Americans.  Makes me wonder why you are an American if you hold all your fellow citizens in such contempt.

Just the ones on the Left, the fat, lazy crybabies who tell us other people keep them down because they are______. (Insert butthurt group of the day here.) If they can just take enough from people more successful than them the world will be a fairer place or at least they think so. They seem to think it would be good for others to not do anything they haven't approved of.

9  General Discussion / America / The silence of the sheep
 on: Today at 12:37am 
Started by Sprintcyclist | Post by Laugh till you cry  
Rudy Giuliani is currently excavating the graves of purported dead voters to present the cadavers or the bones as evidence.

Rudy is requesting vote counters to attend a cadaver line-up for identification of the bent cadavers.

10  General Discussion / America / Trumpers ... Stop the squealing and blubbering!
 on: Today at 12:24am 
Started by Richdude | Post by Laugh till you cry  
Donald Trump is the biggest loser. No POTUS has ever lost an election by more votes.

Donald Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 and lost it by an even bigger margin in 2020.

Joe Biden looks presidential before he is even inaugurated and has stolen Donald Trump's oxygen.

Donald Trump has never looked presidential.