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1  Member Run Boards / Music / Re: Stoned & Zeppelin II = Waste of Time
 on: Today at 6:14pm 
Started by Marla | Post by JaSun  
Tribute Bands keep the sound of Led Zep resonating down the line in a 'live' format. If Led Zep relied just upon Records, CDs and other 'devices'. They'll be forgotten in 100 years. Live performances will keep them 'real'. Sure, none will be better than the Original - but in a way, that's better than nothing at all.
Not every Rock Star(s) have a tribute band or following.
They're forgotten mostly now.

I wonder when the Suzie Quatro Tribute will start?
I think she was at Petersham RSL with Roy & H.G.

2  General Discussion / Coronavirus / Re: I Apologise
 on: Today at 6:12pm 
Started by JaSun | Post by cods  
The Mechanic wrote Today at 5:01pm:
longweekend58 wrote Today at 9:35am:
I wonder if the anti-vaxxers will take the covid19 vaccine when it becomes available.

I've had vaccinations for all types of crap...

but COVID19?

shove it up your arse...

If Bill Gates and his Deepstate mates are pushing it you know its a loaded vax...

would you stop your family from having them???

3  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: How Labor destroyed Australia
 on: Today at 6:11pm 
Started by juliar | Post by Sir lastnail  
Bobby. wrote Today at 5:35pm:
Ajax wrote on Aug 13th, 2019 at 5:51pm:
Globalisation and free trade policies of the oligarchy.

BTW the oligarchy don't want the third world to come up to first world standards.

The oligarchy are to busy raping and plundering the resources of the third world why would they want people in the first world knowing their business.

Like for example child labour.

If we didn't call it out it would still be happening.

Correction still is happening, just don't hear about it that much these days.

Loosing our manufacturing industry has crippled Australia, we're all destined to become baristas no not barristers.

Oh yeah labor or liberal their all CEO's to the oligarchy just following orders.

Who is really to blame?

Australia’s manufacturing industry has been gutted but
who is really at fault? We could never compete on a so called level playing field
when we bought Chinese products made by slave labor  -
people who worked for a bowl of rice per day and had no safety standards
for their workers.
Go to Bunnings and try to find something made in Australia?
Even all that dangerous building cladding at Grenfell tower in London
was the same poo that was placed on our buildings.
We are all at fault because we bought the cheapest rubbish we could lay
our hands on.
Bean counter accountants run every company and everyone is
a bean counter trying to save one dollar here or there.

I blame endless decades of corporate welfare thrown at property hoarders and developers along with banks throwing good money after bad which favoured investment in non productive assets over productive assets such as a manufacturing enterprise. The end result is aussies love affair with property and nothing else. Oh well you reap what you sew Sad

4  General Discussion / General Board / Re: Interstate Travel Restrictions
 on: Today at 6:10pm 
Started by Aussie | Post by Gordon  
If you're in Tweed Heads and you spot a hotty the on other side of the road in Coolangatta, are you allowed to wonder if her clit is pierced or are you only allowed to clit wonder from north to south?

5  Member Run Boards / Philosophy / Re: The Covid-19 / economy balancing act
 on: Today at 6:09pm 
Started by The_Barnacle | Post by JaSun  
Somewhere a junkie is screaming in their isolation - unable to go out and get their over-due fix.

6  Member Run Boards / Islam / Re: FD Factcheck
 on: Today at 6:07pm 
Started by Karnal | Post by polite_gandalf  
freediver wrote on Apr 3rd, 2020 at 6:43pm:
You said it was theoretical impossible for you to be wrong unless you caveat what you say.

LOL no I didn't FD. This is just you once again making up some crap as some tenuous justification for a clever sounding meme you created - in this case, that gandalf thinks himself infallible. Because, you know, thats what muslims would do, apparently.

What I did say, was that saying "all muslims support genocide" is stating something as fact. Because it is. The fact that I rejected your idiotic insistence that this clear and completely unqualified statement really means "yeah nah, maybe not"  - is how you twisted my words into somehow saying "you can never be wrong unless you caveat what you say".

That really is how ridiculous you are being FD.

7  General Discussion / General Board / Re: Bin there....
 on: Today at 6:03pm 
Started by Lols | Post by JaSun  
I'm a Pagan Yadda.
But I did convert a Nun once.  Wink
Fear not. I did deflower a Moslem one too. She waited 40 years for my Pagan ways. Wink

8  General Discussion / Coronavirus / Re: I Apologise
 on: Today at 5:59pm 
Started by JaSun | Post by JaSun  
I will look at it this way.
There are Free/Apnea Divers and there are Technical Divers.
The Free/Apnea Divers rely on the 'adaption' of their physiology and abilities to be under water. Some can stay under on a breath for a very long time and at great depths of pressure on the lungs.
(Maybe they are Immune to Corona Virus? Huh Cheesy)
Technical Divers use 'Technology' and mixtures of Gases.
They can go down to great depths.

Both are right and there can be more than one right answer to the Corona Virus and Vacs. The more the better, than none at all.

9  General Discussion / General Board / Re: Bin there....
 on: Today at 5:55pm 
Started by Lols | Post by Yadda  

Reply #7....

"Oh yeah! Its me baby! I'm here!"

Look at that outfit !         Wink

10  General Discussion / Coronavirus / Re: Can we burn this out?
 on: Today at 5:54pm 
Started by Gordon | Post by JaSun  
chimera wrote on Apr 8th, 2020 at 2:07pm:
Good-oh but the food producers remain the same, shelf stackers become box fillers the same . However delivery means transport which cuts out contacts in shops which is the way to go.

That reminds me of the old Simak novel 'Ring Around the Sun (Corona)' where a 2nd Earth is made away from the original and it's all 'automated' (robots) and the populace is kept away in sanitised living lifestyles of minimal contact. A precurser to Asimov's 'Spacers'

Such a Full Lockdown (like what happened in Wuhan) would jilt an entire generation into secluded existence. Kept away from the Radiactive winds from World Nuclear War too down the track because we know it will happen, not like in the 80's when they hoped it wouldn't.

Starving the Virus like starving the Cancer.
It's a good tact and can work.
Or we can let the Virus loose and watch it take out 79% of the over-populated world and humanity progresses. It has to - there are many such contagia out in the galaxy and we need to be 'adaptive' if we want to find 'life' and keep on living long term.
A Cure will put it away in a cage but we will always have to carry that Vaccine with us always for the Virus needs to be destroyed totally!