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1  Member Run Boards / The Tavern / Re: I have often wondered
 on: Today at 12:23pm 
Started by cods | Post by cods  
I shouldnt confess this but a few boards I have never ventured in..the topic doesnt interest whats to say..

I am not sure whether I come on here to post or just read.... it makes it hard because some folks all they want to do is unless its just yes or no answers I cant be bothered getting involved....

maybe its the whole human race I dunno....

I am glad I still make you laugh..I am not sure some folks know what humor is....lolol I bet they never laugh unless its at someones elses expense...

2  Member Run Boards / Islam / Re: Islamic Extremists
 on: Today at 12:22pm 
Started by Grendel | Post by moses  
allah caused him to go astray, so now he's fair game for allahs' chosen butchers, the higher grade of muslims.

3  General Discussion / General Board / Re: How can we be sure Manchester attack was Islam?
 on: Today at 12:21pm 
Started by matty | Post by Ajax  
matty wrote on May 25th, 2017 at 12:37pm:
Isn't just as likely that it could have been extremist Christian or Hindus or another religion? I mean we keep hearing about how there is good and bad in every religion and that Islam is of course the religion of peace and the most feminist religion so how can we be so sure that the perpetrator was Muslim when we don't yet know their identity?

Oh its Islam make no mistake about that..!

George W Bush et al.

4  Member Run Boards / Islam / Re: The cracks are starting, the lies continue.
 on: Today at 12:20pm 
Started by moses | Post by Karnal  
Who do you think the Koran is talking about, Moses? Those "who believe with their mouths, but with their hearts believe not"?

I'm curious.

5  Member Run Boards / Environment / Re: Decentralisation/decarbonisation of the grid
 on: Today at 12:20pm 
Started by Jovial Monk | Post by lee  
Jovial Monk wrote Today at 10:19am:
Rural councils were negotiating with NBN Co for copayment to bring FTTH to towns otherwise slated for FW. A sensible move that the Libs killed such is their obsession to not roll out anymore fibre than they absolutely have to.

Nothing about cost–effectiveness

Yes. Cost effectiveness. Was their a study done of this proposed FTTH in rural areas?

6  General Discussion / General Board / Re: How can we be sure Manchester attack was Islam?
 on: Today at 12:18pm 
Started by matty | Post by Ye Grappler  
greggerypeccary wrote Today at 10:46am:
Ye Grappler wrote Today at 1:04am:
We're not talking about history, Grigor.. we're talking about Manchester 2017.

The vast majority of terrorists attacks that have occurred in Manchester, and the entire UK, have been carried out by non-Muslims.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

Yes - but that section of society is no longer 'at war' with Britain, and Manchester is, perforce, compelled to look at the current crop.  The past experiences, however, can be taken in the context of terrorist attacks overall....

One could remind you that the Irish, in many ways, have/had a far greater motivation for attacking Britain than the home-grown fops of Islamites do.

Biting the hand that feeds them and the IRA didn't attack children as a rule.

7  Member Run Boards / Environment / Re: Decentralisation/decarbonisation of the grid
 on: Today at 12:18pm 
Started by Jovial Monk | Post by lee  
So in reality CO2 is emitted, it is merely captured and stored. So that if a problem occurs in the capture and storage leading to a leak it will still be emitted to the atmosphere.

"CO2 can be isolated during combustion without having to use any additional energy, which means it can then go on to be stored. This prevents it from being released into the atmosphere. "

8  Member Run Boards / Environment / Re: A sign of the times
 on: Today at 12:16pm 
Started by Jovial Monk | Post by AnotherJourneyByTrain  
Sounds like a conspiracy to me  Shocked Shocked

9  General Discussion / Chat / Re: Margaret Court/QANTAS/Gays
 on: Today at 12:16pm 
Started by Aussie | Post by Ajax  
Aussie wrote Today at 12:07pm:
Sure, she is entitled to her say, and she is entitled to receive the criticism of others who oppose her outdated views.  It pisses me orf that she is taking advantage of her position as a has been, once great, tennis player to get her crap air time.

I was not aware of her cult until Peccary posted it and was very annoyed to see that the leech is sucking the blood of her followers unashamedly urging they tithe in her favour.

She can far cough.

Well tell that she man dyke Navratilova to STFU as well.

10  General Discussion / Chat / Re: Margaret Court/QANTAS/Gays
 on: Today at 12:15pm 
Started by Aussie | Post by Ajax  
greggerypeccary wrote Today at 11:56am:
Ajax wrote Today at 11:52am:
Aussie wrote Yesterday at 1:42pm:
Far cough Margaret Court.  Yer a has been tennis player, and nothing more.


Stupid, but typical, schmedia for giving this crap legs.

It's about time other voices than those of the LGBT are heard on this matter.

It's called free speech and everyone is entitled to it.

Yes, even unscrupulous charlatans who run religious cults in order to con money out of people.

Yes Gregg, another Charles Manson just waiting to be set free..LOL.

What is wrong with you people, why should the majority kneel to a minority group that is at best detestable sick individuals who are driven by sex they same way a ice addict is driven by the drug ice.

They are sick and need help, the last think we should be doing is bowing a knee to them.