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1  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: Women lying about domestic violence..........
 on: Today at 4:30pm 
Started by Ye Grappler | Post by Laugh till you cry  
juliar wrote Today at 9:59am:
Of course Patriotic Pauline is correct - she IS a woman after all and she knows what women get up to. The maternal instinct is very strong.

Wonder if the abortion debate will get a mention ?

What about birth reversals where the unwanted being is re-inserted back into the uterus it was expunged from? Three-Fingers Haji Gordon?

2  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: Super Amnesty Whitewashes Corporate Theft
 on: Today at 4:27pm 
Started by whiteknight | Post by philperth2010  
Workers are forced to put 10% of their earnings into super and now we know it was being systematically ripped off at $5.9 billion in super every year....The thieves will suffer no penalty and get to keep the majority of the stolen money....If this is the standard the Coalition are setting I don't see much hope anything constructive will come from the findings into the Financial Royal Commission....Have any of the findings been passed yet???

Huh Huh Huh

3  Member Run Boards / Relationships / Re: World perspective through brown-colored glasses
 on: Today at 4:25pm 
Started by Laugh till you cry | Post by Laugh till you cry  
Bobbi is trying to provoke a home invasion against him.

Bobbi is insulted and frantic that nobody regards his home worthy of invading.

Mike Hunt AKA AiA has also usurped Bobbi's desired position as Three-Finger's Haji Gordon's seeing-eye human causing Bobbi immense anxiety.

This has caused Bobbi to throw poo at all and sundry in all directions simultaneously to exhibit his credentials to Three-Finger's Haji Gordon.

JaSin has been smeared by Bobbi's friendly fire. But, Poo looks better on JaSin than it does in an S-bend.

4  General Discussion / General Board / Re: Invasion Day
 on: Today at 4:22pm 
Started by .JaSin. | Post by Brian Ross  

5  General Discussion / America / Re: Fake news history
 on: Today at 4:18pm 
Started by Richdude | Post by Abu  
Sorry again, Aquascoot, you're mistaken. Like everything else the master manipulator does, it's pretend. The Republicans spend just as much on advertising as the Democrats, but they have another three advantages: Fox News, the NRA and Russia.

All 3 of these paid for advertising in the last erection. Putin alone is estimated to have spent 60 mil - all on social media.

The Fox advantage is hard to calculate. After all, their advertising comes from their commentators, who run entire programs praising Mr Trump and condemning his political rivals. They consult with the Trump communications team to craft the message.

Hillary spent more on TV advertising. The Trump campaign does this too, but it aims to dominate social media, which is far easier to funnel undeclared donations through.

6  General Discussion / Thinking Globally / Re: Trump threatens war
 on: Today at 4:16pm 
Started by Bobby. | Post by greggerypeccary  
rhino wrote Today at 3:58pm:
Trump will never go to war. Hes a used car salesman, he does not have the backbone to make that sort of decision.

True enough.

A dodgy used car salesman who got in way over his head.

7  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: Women lying about domestic violence..........
 on: Today at 4:14pm 
Started by Ye Grappler | Post by Sir Spot of Borg  
Ye Grappler wrote Today at 1:33pm:
Sir Spot of Borg wrote Today at 1:23pm:
Ye Grappler wrote Today at 1:12pm:
mothra wrote Today at 10:20am:
cods wrote Today at 10:14am:
mothra wrote Today at 10:03am:
cods wrote Today at 9:56am:
mothra wrote Today at 9:35am:
cods wrote Today at 9:29am:
mothra wrote Today at 9:19am:
She's just appealing to her idiot home base again ... you know, all those folks who liked it better all those years ago?

Meanwhile, a woman dies every week at the hands of her partner or ex-partner..

yes that is true  however  it has nothing to do with women lying in court to achieve their own end...

and yes they do.....LIE in court......

its silly to thinks DV is a one way street...

the old saying a women scorned.. is very true....

they are not all liars  but sadly the few that are do women no service whatever.

Well of course .. but where should the focus be?

on those who do LIE and get caught....

.there needs to be a substantial sentence involved...

look at the women who have been caught lying about the paternity and taking years of child support lying both to the man and the child

everything involved in domestic violence is UGLY...

it all needs exposing....

No. The focus need to be on the fact that one woman dies every week at the hands of their partner or ex-partner.

Of course some women lie. Some men do too. It's human nature. And i agree that such lies should be dealt with harshly ... as should engaging in parental alienation which i firmly believe to be a form of child abuse.

But using parliamentary privilege to go after your son's ex and in doing it shoot a shot across the bow of family violence prevention (which is already pushing poo uphill)( is beyond irresponsible; it's downright dangerous.

you dont know that mothra.......sometimes experience can be a good thing.....she is bringing up something that is never talked about.......

as for women dying  what do you think they should do that will stop that???????

what about the children that die????..

they never get a mention when it comes to dv...

we humans are responsible for dv... not some beaurocrat .. where does it start / why does it start/ is this violence born in them.....questions questions....

what can we do to prevent DV in the first place...

Rubbish Cods. It's talked about relentlessly and almost every woman is accused of lying.

There are entire organisations that exist on the premise that women are usually lying. The internet and talk back shows reek of it.

If you want evidence of the kinds of grubby sentiments that follow Hanson's once-again dangerous rhetoric, look at what is coming out (and will yet come out) in this thread alone.

Meanwhile, a woman dies every week at the hands of her partner or ex-partner.

Been telling yez for ages now that using proxy violence and a totally unbalanced in favour or one side approach, requiring zero proof, and using the courts and cops as bullies - is a surefire way to ramp up violence - since it IS violence.

Again I ask - how many situations are inflamed by the violent intervention of the courts without proper reason and in a totally one-sided way - i.e. creating an unbalanced balance of power - the precise situation they claim to be seeking to avoid... (hello)...

Yeah there that is again. I don't think so. Again my sister is being taken for everything by a guy that abused her and her children. Are Canberra courts different it are some of you just defending the indefensible?


One case such as you cite and the ten that mothra sees pf outright violence do not make the norm....... for every relationship that people 'in the frontline of DV' see - there are thousands of relationships outside of that - the one case does not equate to the norm - which is why the current approach is all wrong and seeks to find one needle in a haystack by burning down the haystack...

No according to the lawyers it's quite common. Apparently they are trying to be 'fair' although it's a strange definition of fair


8  Member Run Boards / Islam / Re: Has there been a more outrageous porky here?
 on: Today at 4:12pm 
Started by polite_gandalf | Post by Brian Ross  
Christianity, a religion which believes in slavery, oppression of women, child marriage, sex with babies, all non believers are of lower status, killing non believers, killing apostates and hypocrites to name just a few of the depravities of said culture, has to be respected and accepted as equal?   Roll Eyes

9  General Discussion / General Board / Re: Invasion Day
 on: Today at 4:10pm 
Started by .JaSin. | Post by Brian Ross  

10  General Discussion / General Board / Re: Invasion Day
 on: Today at 4:09pm 
Started by .JaSin. | Post by Brian Ross