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No. Board Name Topic Started By Views Replies Last Post on Topic
1. Cats and Critters For Lols Jovial Monk 129 12 Last Post Today at 11:43am
By: sherri
2. America Get me Roger Stone... The Mechanic 956 118 Last Post Today at 11:34am
By: Bojack Horseman
3. Cats and Critters Look after ALL critters! Jovial Monk 270 24 Last Post Today at 11:29am
By: Jovial Monk
4. America Ivanka to Jobless: #findsomethingnew AiA 112 16 Last Post Today at 11:28am
By: greggerypeccary
5. America Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI greggerypeccary 1950 198 Last Post Today at 11:22am
By: greggerypeccary
6. America Really Creepy Trump SadKangaroo 516 85 Last Post Today at 11:17am
By: greggerypeccary
7. Coronavirus New outbreak spreading, from south-west Sydney, fr Yadda 263 21 Last Post Today at 11:09am
By: greggerypeccary
8. Thinking Globally Give every single HK citizen a chance of residency Auggie 2541 174 Last Post Today at 11:04am
By: Auggie
9. Relationships Hi Cliffy! Setanta 195 12 Last Post Today at 10:56am
By: Jovial Monk
10. America Trump charged with murder Bobby. 98 15 Last Post Today at 10:53am
By: Bojack Horseman
11. General Board Bruce Pascoe has committed no offence Brian Ross 12723 911 Last Post Today at 10:53am
By: Frank
12. America BLM supporter shoots dead All Lives Matter support Yadda 15 1 Last Post Today at 10:47am
By: Bojack Horseman
13. America Elon Musk - good on him. Net worth rose $6 billion Yadda 54 5 Last Post Today at 10:32am
By: SadKangaroo
14. Thinking Globally New Zealand greggerypeccary 76 5 Last Post Today at 10:16am
By: greggerypeccary
15. Coronavirus did the protestors spread the virus? freediver 2197 153 Last Post Today at 9:54am
By: greggerypeccary
16. Coronavirus Got Corona. JaSin. 136 10 Last Post Today at 9:44am
By: greggerypeccary
17. Film, Television and Radio MythBusters co-host Grant Imahara dies aged 49 greggerypeccary 12 0 Last Post Today at 9:39am
By: greggerypeccary
18. Coronavirus A promising vaccine Bobby. 24 1 Last Post Today at 9:36am
By: Bojack Horseman
19. Federal Politics How Whitlam was booted out juliar 288 25 Last Post Today at 9:07am
By: juliar
20. Relationships set's ban Cliff48 23 0 Last Post Today at 9:06am
By: Cliff48
21. General Board Former MythBusters co-host Grant Imahara has died Captain Nemo 92 7 Last Post Today at 8:45am
By: Fuzzball
22. America Case growth outpacing testing scope 236 36 Last Post Today at 8:23am
By: SadKangaroo
23. General Board Surfer dies in shark attack in Kingscliff freediver 706 46 Last Post Today at 8:13am
By: Gnads
24. Coronavirus Melbourne back in 6 week lockdown July 7 Bobby. 2292 231 Last Post Today at 8:01am
By: Bobby.
25. New South Wales & ACT NSW Healthcare Reportings Bias_2012 12954 89 Last Post Today at 7:54am
By: Stig
26. America Can we all agree, this isn't going that well? Brian Ross 553 50 Last Post Today at 7:31am
By: Marla
27. Coronavirus Fake Pandemic Numbers wombatwoody 2525 157 Last Post Today at 7:17am
By: The_Barnacle
28. General Board 32 bill/yr in fees stolen by super fund scammers Sir lastnail 326 32 Last Post Today at 6:51am
By: Bobby.
29. Extremism Exposed are thread disappearing? cods 316 16 Last Post Today at 5:33am
By: AiA
30. Coronavirus Stop spreading lies dickheads SadKangaroo 1005 102 Last Post Today at 4:52am
By: Sir Spot of Borg
31. America We have a special place.. The Mechanic 186 20 Last Post Today at 1:21am
By: Richdude
32. America The left in the US Sprintcyclist 961 105 Last Post Today at 12:34am
By: mortdooley
33. America ⮞ ⮞ Americans Oppose Gun Bans ⮜ ⮜ Panther 26549 1179 Last Post Yesterday at 11:47pm
By: Panther
34. America 2 million cases of defensive hand gun use a year Baronvonrort 2446 104 Last Post Yesterday at 11:41pm
By: Brian Ross
35. Islam Far Right Terrorism Brian Ross 10154 396 Last Post Yesterday at 11:37pm
By: Brian Ross
36. Coronavirus Even a car accident death will be classed as Covid aquascoot 185 17 Last Post Yesterday at 11:00pm
By: Dnarever
37. Travel Sleep apnoea, c-pap and travel. Lols 14 0 Last Post Yesterday at 10:44pm
By: Lols
38. Technically Speaking Lenovo Craptops Marla 1498 65 Last Post Yesterday at 10:39pm
By: juliar
39. Music What Are You Listening To? Annie Anthrax 468483 5460 Last Post Yesterday at 10:30pm
By: Bobby.
40. Travel Welcome to Victoria - The Lock Down State! Lols 931 83 Last Post Yesterday at 10:30pm
By: Lols
41. America Tweet of the Day... The Mechanic 3275 229 Last Post Yesterday at 9:43pm
By: Bojack Horseman
42. America The Founding Fathers ideals and hopes eulogised Yadda 832 93 Last Post Yesterday at 6:06pm
By: Yadda
43. America A popular rebellion growing, against 'CANCEL' cult Yadda 154 14 Last Post Yesterday at 4:53pm
By: chimera
44. General Board Comet Vomit Neowise Marla 250 20 Last Post Yesterday at 4:47pm
By: Lols
45. Sport The Brit Olympians cheated... technically UnSubRocky 128 11 Last Post Yesterday at 4:17pm
By: Bojack Horseman
46. Health and Welfare The Myopia Boom AiA 1088 9 Last Post Yesterday at 4:08pm
By: UnSubRocky
47. America New Poll on wearing masks SadKangaroo 142 16 Last Post Yesterday at 1:29pm
By: Bojack Horseman
48. Coronavirus Another Dead Man Said: Covid is a Hoax AiA 424 34 Last Post Yesterday at 12:52pm
By: aquascoot
49. Islam This day in the Muzlim War against everyone issuevoter 114486 2079 Last Post Yesterday at 12:05pm
By: moses
50. Federal Politics Increasing Jobseeker Payments Is Sustainable whiteknight 768 43 Last Post Yesterday at 12:03pm
By: juliar