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No. Board Name Topic Started By Views Replies Last Post on Topic
1. America The Wall. Aussie 3383 337 Last Post Today at 7:20am
By: aquascoot
2. America Intolerance of Leftist CNN reporter Kate Bennett Yadda 67 9 Last Post Today at 7:14am
By: Yadda
3. America History of the Fed Richdude 5 1 Last Post Today at 6:42am
By: Sad KangAnon
4. America Mr Trump breaks more records Karnal 19 1 Last Post Today at 6:38am
By: Sad KangAnon
5. America Trump wants to pull out of NATO longweekend58 125 18 Last Post Today at 6:35am
By: Sad KangAnon
6. America Trump's Bogus Bone Spurs AiA 582 48 Last Post Today at 6:34am
By: Sad KangAnon
7. America Pelosi Tells F A T Orange Go Eat A Dick Marla 18 1 Last Post Today at 6:32am
By: Sad KangAnon
8. Environment New Ice Age.. The Mechanic 227311 5561 Last Post Today at 6:08am
By: Bobby
9. General Board Holiday rapist Gordon 119 12 Last Post Today at 5:29am
By: Bobby
10. Technically Speaking Israel to phase out ICE cars by 2030 ! Sir lastnail 123 16 Last Post Today at 5:25am
By: DonDeeHippy
11. General Board Political Day 26th Jan .JaSin. 34 2 Last Post Today at 5:21am
By: Valkie
12. General Board Black Sudanese criminals beat family to a pulp ! Sir lastnail 3033 194 Last Post Today at 5:12am
By: Valkie
13. General Board 5 Teenagers with toy guns arrested Chatswood NSW red baron 228 26 Last Post Today at 4:56am
By: Valkie
14. General Board People who travel abroad for sex tours etc Ye Grappler 4546 454 Last Post Today at 4:49am
By: Amadd
15. Chat Merkins Bit Grose 491 56 Last Post Today at 1:52am
By: Setanta
16. General Board Student killed in Melbourne Gordon 270 17 Last Post Today at 12:31am
By: Ye Grappler
17. Finance and Economics For the Record perceptions_now 207097 1603 Last Post Today at 12:12am
By: Amadd
18. Europe House rejects May's Brexit deal Armchair_Politician 137 16 Last Post Today at 12:11am
By: xeej
19. Technically Speaking Residential Batteries lee 2664 141 Last Post Yesterday at 11:53pm
By: juliar
20. Technically Speaking The coming oil glut minarchist 819 39 Last Post Yesterday at 11:51pm
By: juliar
21. Film, Television and Radio Family Members greggerypeccary 32 2 Last Post Yesterday at 11:42pm
By: Setanta
22. Technically Speaking Tesla model 3 conking out Baronvonrort 7652 213 Last Post Yesterday at 11:41pm
By: juliar
23. Relationships Is this place dead? Violet Crumble 534 39 Last Post Yesterday at 11:24pm
By: Rhino
24. Environment The man-made climate change fraud Frank 102 9 Last Post Yesterday at 11:18pm
By: lee
25. Chat another arsehole lawyer gets away with stealing cods 551 67 Last Post Yesterday at 11:17pm
By: Setanta
26. Chat Average number of hours of sleep Rhino 111 15 Last Post Yesterday at 11:13pm
By: Setanta
27. Extremism Exposed Student killed in Melbourne greggerypeccary 74 26 Last Post Yesterday at 10:55pm
By: Setanta
28. Islam Charlie Hebdo Day. issuevoter 1542 109 Last Post Yesterday at 10:31pm
By: issuevoter
29. Islam This day in the Muzlim War against everyone issuevoter 55293 1461 Last Post Yesterday at 10:11pm
By: issuevoter
30. General Board another child slips through the cracks cods 858 68 Last Post Yesterday at 9:50pm
By: The Reboot
31. General Board Not buying Gillette miketrees 95 6 Last Post Yesterday at 9:32pm
By: Setanta
32. Islam defending terrorists with misleading statistics freediver 4315 356 Last Post Yesterday at 9:27pm
By: greggerypeccary
33. Federal Politics Insufficient scrutiny for GBR Foundation grant Bam 131 8 Last Post Yesterday at 9:26pm
By: philperth2010
34. Federal Politics The Murray-Darling Management Plan Stinks whiteknight 795 68 Last Post Yesterday at 9:18pm
By: .JaSin.
35. The Tavern Weather 2017/18/19- Agnes 20444 365 Last Post Yesterday at 9:02pm
By: Agnes
36. Chat _HELLO .JaSin. 979 27 Last Post Yesterday at 8:47pm
By: .JaSin.
37. Thinking Globally Afghanistan is Collapsing. Get Out: Now! Laugh till you cry 4678 188 Last Post Yesterday at 8:21pm
By: Karnal
38. Federal Politics Pauline Hanson's Plan To Kill Cane Toads whiteknight 1129 64 Last Post Yesterday at 8:07pm
By: Baronvonrort
39. Islam blaming Nazis good, blaming Muslims bad freediver 116 15 Last Post Yesterday at 8:05pm
By: Karnal
40. Extremism Exposed not Australia Day again cods 216 25 Last Post Yesterday at 8:02pm
By: Brian Ross
41. Islam Shifty, evasive Muslims Karnal 733 42 Last Post Yesterday at 7:55pm
By: Karnal
42. America FBI Believes Trump is a Russian Agent longweekend58 1179 142 Last Post Yesterday at 7:51pm
By: Tap
43. Islam nothing to do with Islam freediver 1068 75 Last Post Yesterday at 7:47pm
By: Karnal
44. Extremism Exposed a mindless collective of treacherous Jews freediver 28430 447 Last Post Yesterday at 7:40pm
By: freediver
45. General Board Is tennis game for everyone? capitosinora 444 45 Last Post Yesterday at 7:29pm
By: cods
46. Federal Politics Spending $6000 On A Place To Put His Coat whiteknight 400 21 Last Post Yesterday at 7:19pm
By: Bam
47. Federal Politics The shittest PM ever, even worse than basher 56 44 1416 49 Last Post Yesterday at 6:56pm
By: Dnarever
48. General Board Israeli MP Warns Australia: Deport Sudanese Now PZ547 97 6 Last Post Yesterday at 6:28pm
By: Bobby
49. Defence Canada to purchase our old F/A-18s Brian Ross 112 12 Last Post Yesterday at 6:26pm
By: .JaSin.
50. General Board Long Arm of Russia Or Tiny Balls of Aus Gov ? PZ547 47 2 Last Post Yesterday at 6:03pm
By: red baron