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1  General Discussion / Technically Speaking / Re: Mallet love
 on: Today at 3:32am 
Started by Sprintcyclist | Post by Sprintcyclist  
So love my new linseed oiled mallet, bought some 'matching' chisels .........


2  General Discussion / Technically Speaking / Price of used carrs
 on: Today at 3:28am 
Started by Sprintcyclist | Post by Sprintcyclist  
2016 Camry Altise for Sale

Seems a lot to me.
5 years old, was say $33K when new.
depreciates $3K a year !

Pricing for the 2016 Toyota Camry starts at $26,490 plus on-road costs for the base petrol-powered Altise and tops out at $40,440 plus on-roads for the hybrid-equipped Atara SL. The only price change for the 2016-model is a $1500 increase for the Atara SX variant. ... fications/

3  General Discussion / Coronavirus / Re: Why you should get a covid vaccine
 on: Today at 3:26am 
Started by Sprintcyclist | Post by Sprintcyclist  
Carl D wrote on Jun 11th, 2021 at 9:27am:
I'll be having my first AstraZeneca 'shot' next Thursday at somewhere called the Alpha Building 2 at Perth Domestic Airport (after asking my GP yesterday who told me I needed to book online).

Took a while to fill out the online questionnaire then it gave me a choice of locations. Perth Airport is the closest to where I live.

When I go there I'll mention the 'joints for jabs' scheme in Washington, DC and ask them what's in it for me? And, no... I don't want a pre rolled 'joint'.  Cheesy

(I did notice when I was making the booking that there were lots of appointments available over the next week, at least at Perth Domestic Airport. I could have had it done today if I'd wanted to but I'm a bit busy till late next week).

Thank you Carl.
You are helping Australia.

Over 5.6M Aussies have had a covid vaccination now.

4  General Discussion / Thinking Globally / Re: Democrats and Republicans Attempt To Warmonger Cn
 on: Today at 2:15am 
Started by Victor Sunny | Post by Victor Sunny  
G7, half are fake democratic countries. They have king or queen as head of country.

5  General Discussion / Thinking Globally / Re: Australia/China Relations - The 'Swedish' Defence
 on: Today at 1:08am 
Started by NorthOfNorth | Post by Ye Grappler  
Most of you seem to miss the point - the West divested itself of manufacturing because equipment etc was outmoded and there was a developing need to go into new technologies... in the interim the polluting manufacturing has been handed to the Third World which suffers all the problems of old technology.

When new and 'clean' technology comes online, the West will resume its place as the principal producer of high quality finished goods
(shades of the Gillard speech about Asians becoming consumers of high quality finished goods... Jesus - where do we get them?  I generally like Libran ladies, but this one...)
with new technology, just as Japan and Germany did after WW II - with Western help.

Once WW III has cleansed the known universe - that will become the new reality under the disguise of the West 'needing' to restore national security and stability via production capability.

Even I am guilty here with my proposed GAIA in the Pilbara...  nowadays there is no reason to place vulnerable facilities far away ... when a missile can hit anywhere there is no reason not to put the manufacturing as close to the materials as possible ... it's not like they'll be bombarded by a submarine or even a cruiser...

6  General Discussion / Thinking Globally / Re: China says Australia is too weak
 on: Today at 12:59am 
Started by NorthOfNorth | Post by Ye Grappler  
thegreatdivide wrote Yesterday at 9:25pm:
Ye Grappler wrote Yesterday at 6:26am:
Actually I didn't say that - but all such deals come with a price.

You said the BRI was a cover for Chinese world domination. it is not. Meanwhile you are worried about the cost of infrastructure to you but you don't need to worry about  that, because the necessary resources and know- how  don't need to affect your money (see MMT). That's also why the IMF has been missing in action.

I believe you'll find someone else said that, but it is confused in all the quoting going on... now that you mention it, the BRI IS a cover for world domination... though what I said was that like the autobahns their purpose is not peaceful but rather to provide ability to move materiel and troops quickly.

]Meaning you expect all men to be held guilty for a single rape, or all women held guilty for a single child murder - Good-o.. it is clear you do not understand the concept of group or corporate guilt as allocated to an entire group for a single event.

Your delusional "individual rights" ideology makes you complicit in the slaughter of children in war. The only way you can escape that reality is to support abolishing the UNSC veto power, and criminalize war between nations.

A single rape by a single individual is not analogous to a nation's military murdering children, as collateral damage or deliberately.

China has deep flaws socially and economically and such things are never fully subject to total control by a centralised government. Cut off from the world by the reaction to its expansionism means a collapse.

Expansionism? Biden is trying to woo Putin despite the Russian reclamation of Crimea.

Biden told Blinken to phone Xi a couple of days ago. Guess what, the US  re-affirmed the One China principle, even though a fool of a US general recently said HK has a right to 'independence'. ditto for Taiwan.

As for problems in China, the fastest development in history has won considerable national support. Meanwhile you need to get your own house in order.,,,eg the highest prison population in the world, in the Land of the Free, the Beacon of the World etc etc....

Your elucidation is proceeding, Grasshopper...

Unfortunately yours isn't.....

Happy to be of service..... you ARE some student, aren't you?  China has the second highest rate of incarceration in the world... - they tend more towards simple solutions such as a bullet to the back of the head for 'bandits'...

I'm not in the US..... you ARE a lost soul....

7  General Discussion / Federal Politics / Re: The Employer Reporting Line Dubbed DobSeeker
 on: Today at 12:49am 
Started by whiteknight | Post by Ye Grappler  
Let's get this straight - 'all chinese restaurant owners' who had a problem with people not accepting $5 an hour is not the same as all chinese restaurant owners... but in the context it did infer that all the perpetrators were chinese.... meaning no other group did that....

8  General Discussion / General Board / Re: Dark Emu debunked
 on: Today at 12:44am 
Started by Gordon | Post by Ye Grappler  
Brian Ross wrote Today at 12:03am:
The tribes around Sydney had been devastated by the Smallpox epidemic of 1789.  An epidemic, which on the surface, appears to have come from the white colonists.  In addition, the Sydney area was well known amongst the Indigenous Australians as having been a bit of a "desert" as far as flora and fauna which was edible was concerned.   Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Of course, that information is suspect as it came from the accounts of the early explorers/settlers, right?   Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Ah so the endless parklands you could gallop a horse through had nothing to do with 'Aboriginal Husbandry'?  How odd...

Honestly.... you and Pascoe...  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes

9  General Discussion / General Board / Re: Dark Emu debunked
 on: Today at 12:42am 
Started by Gordon | Post by Ye Grappler  
Brian is a shill for the White Supremacists, working hard towards alienating all the decent people with his endless personal attacks and thus hoping to bring them into the fold of White Supremacism.

So if your Kaffir were decimated by smallpox, who the did they sustain that magnificent husbandry of the land?

10  General Discussion / America / Re: If We Lose America, Shame on Us"
 on: Today at 12:33am 
Started by Yadda | Post by Mortdooley  
Frank wrote Yesterday at 11:14pm:
Mortdooley wrote Yesterday at 11:03pm:
Bias_2012 wrote Yesterday at 10:35pm:
Prime Minister for Canyons wrote Yesterday at 10:01pm:
Bias_2012 wrote Yesterday at 9:58pm:
Prime Minister for Canyons wrote Yesterday at 9:39pm:
If it ends the BS coming from RWNJs bring it on

Well, end the BS from both RWNJs and Lefty Progressive socialists

Then there might be a chance of saving the Republic

Just lately though, the Republic has been taking a beating from the Globalist socialist elite

Corporations don't know which way to turn, go overseas, come back home, go overseas again - they must be getting pretty dizzy

Globalist socialist elite. About as big a pointer as saying Agenda 21

If Agenda 21 was the only thing the US had to worry about, things would be reasonably fine, the Republic would survive. No, they have bigger worries than that, but don't count on Biden won't to fix them

Biden and his ilk are the cause of the problem, they can never be the cure! It didn't start with him but almost 50 years in politics and he has never been part of the solution.

But he is the American prez.

The system is fccd when a Bidden can become president.

Is he or just an installed puppet from a stolen election?