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ISIS attack and kill infidels,,,,,in Gaza (Read 237 times)
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ISIS attack and kill infidels,,,,,in Gaza
Aug 29th, 2019 at 9:14am

ISIS attack and kill infidels,,,,,in Gaza

.....this is a violent incident targeting the 'wrong kind of moslems' [aka infidels, aka moslem 'impersonators'].

An ISIS attack, upon another ISLAMIST faction has killed 3 infidels, in Gaza.

Gaza in state of alert after blasts kill 3 Hamas policemen

Increased Hamas presence on main roads of the Palestinian enclave after two bombings target security forces.
28 Aug 2019
9 hours ago

Every ISLAMIST faction devoutly regards its own supporters as the only true believers, as being, the only real moslems.

So the call from with the mosque to fight and to;
"Slaughter the infidels!!!" seen as, is deemed as, being legitimate, by each ISLAMIST faction.

Therefore, when an opportunity presents itself, this struggle on 'the moslem street' will erupt in murderous violence,
revealing the deep divisions and the     UNSOLVABLE     internecine political powerplays which are rife, among all ISLAMIST factions.

Other instances of this internecine conflict among ISLAMISTS, are seen in the violence in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi vs Iran, Somalia, Turkey, et all.

Next week, the Israelis, will be the particular infidels, to be fought against by the ISLAMISTS in Gaza.

"Slaughter the Zionist infidels!!!"


There will never, ever, be peace in ISLAM.

ISLAM is a philosophy which [in its 'DNA'] promotes division and conflict among men.
....even among those who claim to be moslems.

And this conflict and internecine warfare among moslems can be seen everywhere that communities of moslems have been established.
....even inside secular nations, like Australia.

WWW search....
melbourne mosque fire attack, by sunnis muslims
melbourne men accused of setting fire to shia mosque celebrated
3 sunni muslims imprisoned for firebombing australian shia mosque

Melbourne men accused of setting fire to Shia Mosque celebrated and showed off to their wives, court told

By Karen Percy
April 02, 2019
...."Each of the accused were very proud of their efforts to destroy the mosque and were very keen to examine, read about and to pass on the information about it," Mr Robinson said.

"Die ! Die !  ....All infidels, DIE !!!!!!!"


updated image link

These are a people, WHO DID NOT BUILD OUR NATIONS,
...but it is their intention to destroy everything, within our nations, which is non-ISLAM.


These are the people, whom our governments are,
allowing to live among us,      and to walk past us, on our streets.


Those people [in the images above] are human sewage, EVERY ONE OF THEM.

Examine the signs and the placards which they are holding.

"[our] Jihad will continue..."

"[our] ISLAM will dominate the world..."

Yadda paraphrases;

'We will continue to slaughter and to murder you,     ....until we prevail against you!'

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Re: ISIS attack and kill infidels,,,,,in Gaza
Reply #1 - Aug 29th, 2019 at 4:09pm
Its just another day at the office.
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