APP veterans affairs policy

Note that the Australian People's Party and the Sustainability Party of Australia are two separate parties. Other than being hosted at OzPolitic, they have nothing to do with each other.

The men and women and those that have served this country of ours have given themselves for this great nation and there people. This dedication and service will be reflected if and when the APP comes into government.

These people have unselfishly given, so the freedoms that we enjoy everyday can be for all. This Party will treat and recognise all and ensure that they are treated in the manner to which should be bestowed upon them.

The Australian Peoples Party will not let the men and women of our great nation be thrown away and be forgotten, to be only remembered on Anzac day. But to ensure the lives of all these people past and present are fully looked after no ifs buts or maybes.

The people of our Defence Forces have been dealt with a deal that not only gives their worth as only a number by the government and once discharged is someone else’s problem. This is wrong,

These people put their lives on the line and therefore should be fully looked after by the government.
This does not give the government the right to pawn these people to outside agencies.
These people no matter where they have served, either overseas or at home have all put there hand up and in some cases been conscripted.
They have all volunteered and swore allegiance to God, Queen and Country.
These governments treat these people, with red tape.

These people have not only served but put up their hands to say we will, and this is to protect our nation and our beliefs and support those who fight for there freedom.

This party is for the interests of the people and for defence their sacrifices whether at home or abroad should be dealt with properly.

The Australian Peoples Party will ensure the following;

Members medically discharged will automatically receive a gold
Medically discharged persons will automatically receive a non taxable pension and also receive a once yearly allowance.
Members once discharged and have reached 20 years service have the opportunity to receive a dva pension.
Reintroduce all of the benefits
Medically discharged people will also be able to join the army reserve as the wealth of experience should not be wasted just because of a disability.
Ensure service homes are well maintained and serviced.

Replace the War Service Home Loan Scheme with a Veterans Affairs Homes Loan Scheme with a maximum interest rate of 2% with a cap of 400,000.00.
Loan repayments to be made at a fixed rate and allow the early payout of the home loan.
Allow equity loans for home improvements.

Introduce a scheme for the maintenance of veterans’ homes and yards.

Replace the War Widow’s Pension and replace it with a Veteran’s Affairs Widow/Widower’s Pension which is tax exempt and separate from, but as well as, the Widow/Widower’s normal aged pension entitlements.

Ensure top priority and first preference is given to ex-Servicemen and women in their employment applications. Ensure that if a person is to be medically discharge to be able to find a position within defence or public service.

Ensure that all government employees treat ex-Service men and women with the utmost respect.