APP policing and crime policy

Note that the Australian People's Party and the Sustainability Party of Australia are two separate parties. Other than being hosted at OzPolitic, they have nothing to do with each other.

Our Police Officers are there to protect and serve the community, with this comes the responsibility and dedication that these people need to act in a way that the community requires.
Over the years we have seen that the hard line has now become the soft line this is not good enough and needs to be changed.
Our police officers are there to stop crime, catch criminals and keep our communities safe.

Australian Peoples Party believes that zero tolerance with discretion should be the guiding principal of dealing with crime.

The right of citizens to use all reasonable means to protect their property themselves and others against criminal acts.

A balanced and comprehensive strategy is needed to combat the increasing problem of substance misuse and abuse. Taking the soft options on crime is clearly not working; crime is now a major issue in this country.

We tend to be governed by greed rather than justice and morality; in other words anything that can be licensed and taxed becomes legal. The relic parties have failed to address the situation, now it is up to the only party that cares for the people

The Australian Police Force is fractured into different state and this makes detection of criminals difficult. With this we will bring the Force into one organisation (nationally) but and can still be operated by the states. This will also bring about uniformity in training and also the ability to be transferred to and from any locality within Australia.

With this uniformity, information will all be on the one data base which will increase efficiency and will also reduce crime due to all police acting as one organisation, instead of many groups.

This will also include licensing for all vehicles, boats, firearms, drivers/bike licences and all other licences pertaining to working in any sector that requires such.
Passports will also be included on this data base and each person who has any type of licence security clearance will be listed.

The Australian Peoples Party will;

1. We will take a tough stance on all crime.
2. Distribution and use of hard drugs is a criminal offence and will be treated as such
3. We will have truth in sentencing and equality in justice
4. We will ensure itís the criminal that suffers not the victims
5. People have the right to defend their property and to be safe in their homes or on the street, especially our seniors
6. We will ensure that the appropriate powers are given to police to enforce the reduction in crime
7. We will ensure these officers will have the right, and that right is to protect and serve as necessary
8. Our Police are to be respected and if this does not happen then this offenders will be in contempt
9. Police Officers will have discretionary powers to remove unescorted, under aged children from the streets and return them to their homes or other suitable establishments
10. Police use to encourage road safety, rather than revenue collectors
11. Strengthening of Community policing initiatives by increasing the use of foot patrols in appropriate areas
12. Educational standards for entry into the Police Force and advancement in careers to be reviewed, taking into account life and work experience, relevant to policing duties.


1 Mandatory imprisonment for offenders involved in violent crime, organised crime or hard drug trafficking.
2 Courts must pay due attention to victim impact statements. In cases of violent crime including sexual offences, all victims must be informed of the offenderís release from custody.
3 Legislation should be introduced that puts the rights and protection of law-abiding citizens above the rights of criminals.
4 Treating those who do adult crimes as adults, with boot camps set up for first time Juvenile offenders, to ensure they receive training and discipline about their role and responsibility to society.
5 Vandalism will be treated as crime, as it has now grown to such a level that it is costing councils, rate and taxpayers millions of dollars per year. This is a complete waste of public funds, all due to the lack of social responsibility, from home, schools, to courts.
6 Schools should teach responsibilities not rights.
7 Courts need to impose heavy penalties on repeat offenders, after the first warning, repeat offenders to be treated as adult criminals.
8 Offenders should be given the option to clean up and repair all damage, with sale of their property or jail until they earn enough to pay for the rectification of damage and compensation.
9 Compulsory standards must be set for courts to award compensation to victims of crime.
10 Naming of young criminals who are serial offenders to ensure accountability.
11 Car theft to be treated as a crime.
12 We will correct the Coalition's failed and costly firearm policy and replace it with effective laws that overcome the use of firearms by criminals.
13 Desecration of the Australian Flag to be a criminal offence.
14 Drugs are the major cause of crime:
a. We proposes a hard line on them,
b. Legislation for a binding referendum on mandatory Life Sentence for manufacturers and traffickers of hard drugs.
c. Confiscation of their property upon conviction, with a fund set up to compensate victims, including any children or other innocent parties with interest in the property.
d. Payment of rewards for reporting drug offences and dealers.
e. Those convicted of a drug offence will have their passport cancelled.
15 Drink driving is a crime and any incident arising from this will be treated as such.
16 A person intoxicated or affected by drugs will be treated in accordance to the law as these are not an excuse.


Fraud has have had a grave impact of the live of people with companies going into bankruptsy and or Directors and or employers going into insolvency.
It is found that the laws regarding this are very contraversal as the little people get no benefit from the legal system.

If a company, director/s, employers are found to have acted in a fraudulent manner all there assets including family assets are to be frozen. Investigations will be instigated as to any other moneys have been siphoned off.

These assets will then be sold and then directed to those that have been wronged.
It is difficult to find that these that carry out fraud that after completing a sentence are still living with a great deal of wealth whilst the people they have wronged are struggling.

Those in a position of trust will have licences revoked and will not be able to ever hold a position of trust again.


Tax evasion will not be tolerated and this will be dealt with severely as this is a crime. Assets that are owned or have been moved to the family so a person who has evaded tax cannot be held accountable. This will no longer be the case and as like fraud will be dealt with the same.

Those in a position of trust will have licences revoked and will not be able to ever hold a position of trust again.


Those people that have been involved in crime regarding alcohol will no longer be able to use this as an excuse.

An example of this as follows;
1. Drink driving is a crime and this will be dealt with harshly.
2. Driving whilst drunk and causing an accident will be attempted murder
3. Causing a fatality whilst drunk will be murder


This section includes legal and illegal drugs.

An example of this as follows;
1. Driving under the influence of an illegal drug is a crime and this will be dealt with harshly.
2. Driving whilst under the influence of an illegal drug and causing an accident will be attempted murder
3. Causing a fatality whilst under the influence of an illegal drug will be murder


This section is to make it clear that any of these actions is a crime. A person that is committing a crime will be dealt with the full force of the law. Also a person committing any crime including any of the above does not have any entitlement to compensation if hurt or detained by another person.

A person who has been found guilty of a crime is also to pay all court and lawyer costs that are involved. If this requires selling the persons property that has committed the crime then this will be so.

A person detaining a person who has injured a person who has committed a criminal offence will not be prosecuted for the detaining or subsequent injuries of the person who has committed the offence.

To make this point quite clear,

When detaining or stopping the person who has committed the offence, do not and I will repeat this do not apply any more force that is required to detain or stop this person from further injury of yourself, family and or property