APP politician's responsibility policy

Note that the Australian People's Party and the Sustainability Party of Australia are two separate parties. Other than being hosted at OzPolitic, they have nothing to do with each other.

This policy paper is designed due to the actions of politicians who believe they are above the law, or believe that due to their position it is of no matter due to work.

This Policy will incorporate all MP’s and Senators of the Federal Government and also state governments will also be subject to this policy.

There will be no excuse for abuse of the system that the everyday Australians have to abide by.
This is why the Australian Peoples Party is for the people as this party understands the concerns of the people.

These actions will not be tolerated and as such these people will be responsible for their actions and pay the price.

For all offences that have a guilty verdict the person involved will have all entitlements, superannuation revoked.
A person who has been found guilty or misconduct, misleading, or unacceptable behaviour which would not be tolerated by the public will also lose entitlements.
Above all it will not necessary sack a minister, as this will be inclusive of resignation.

Also this person will not be hold a position of trust, management and any that incorporates influence.

This policy does not affect parliamentary privilege policy’s.