APP personal responsibility policy

Note that the Australian People's Party and the Sustainability Party of Australia are two separate parties. Other than being hosted at OzPolitic, they have nothing to do with each other.

This policy paper is designed for those that do not wish to take responsibility of their own actions.
This will also remove the rights of compensation due to ones actions.
A person when either is in an accident or having injured ones self and this has been due to the neglect, stupidity, alcohol, drugs, any action which could cause harm and also any actions arising out of a criminal offence.

Personal actions are the responsibility of that person or persons that believe these actions are cause by someone else’s neglect, through improper signage, directions or being in a state which dulls the senses.

We have seen over the years that cases have arisen where people have done things that have been in a manner that have deemed to be of a ridiculous nature and then blamed somebody else.
If a person thinks that injury is of no concern then so be it, thus this person or persons are responsible for their actions.

For example of instances;
1. Climbing into and electrical substation.
2. Diving into shallow water when drunk.
3. Climbing over a fence to get a better look down a cliff.

These examples are those which would be common sense.
1. As we all know electricity can kill.
2. A person should always check depth and never swim when drunk.
3. And fences are there to warn of danger and keep people back.

The insurance industry has made a great impact with these people regarding claim and this has dealt a blow to those that cannot afford high interest charges due to these people and their actions.

These actions will not be tolerated and as such these people will be responsible for their actions and pay the price.
If this means that they will have to deal with their injuries and receive no compensation then this will be done.
This will also ensure that mounting insurance premiums will be able to be lowered and everyone will benefit from these changes and those that believe their actions are not their problem, then these people will change their beliefs and actions to be responsible.

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