Voting above the line? Read this.

Note that this page will no longer be updated. Changes to the senate voting rules have fixed the problem that this article was raising awareness of.

You will notice the guide is a bit more complicated this year, with more columns in most states. There are three reasons for this.

1) There are many more microparties this year. This makes the outcome less predictable and also makes it more likely that a microparty will win a seat. The smaller parties tend to allocate preferences to each other prior to the major parties.

2) I found some predictions of which microparties have a chance of winning (thanks to "truth seeker"). Previously I only checked allocations to parties that already had senators.

3) The AEC issued group voting tickets as csv files as well as pdf files, which allowed this guide to be generated automatically.

The increase in the number of microparties makes it even more important to check where your vote will end up, if you plan to vote above the line. Some of the predictions are quite alarming. For example, in South Australia the new “No carbon tax” microparty has a 64% chance of election as long as its primary vote is 0.15% or higher, based on historical preference flows and current polling.

In the tables below, grey indicates that a party has a very small chance of winning a senate seat. The yellow cell indicates where your vote is likely to end up. Note however that it is important to check that you approve of the order of all the parties listed, up to at least one of the four major parties (Greens, ALP and the coalition parties). Your vote may assist in the election of more than one senator (particularly if you vote for the ALP or Liberal Party) and may end up electing a minor candidate not listed here. Check the full senate ticket for more details. Remember, if you do not approve of how your favourite party allocates preferences, read the instructions and vote below the line.

Multiple rows for one party indicates that the party has submitted multiple tickets. Your vote is effectively split into two or three parts. This is done where the party wants to give equal weighting to two or three other parties.

An example to illustrate how these tables work:

  Where your vote might end up
Who you vote for 1

2013 guides for:

2013 guide for QLD

QLDHelp End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) PartyAustralian IndependentsAustralian DemocratsThe GreensAustralian Labor PartyLiberal National Party of QueenslandKatter's Australian PartyAustralian Fishing and Lifestyle PartyOne NationAustralian Christians
Animal Justice Party (list all)32156791048
Liberal National Party of Queensland (list all)85697142103
Peter KEIOSKIE (list all)32971084651
Australian Independents (list all)21481097635
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party (list all)12376954810
Australian Voice (list all)13213280766674, 6111936
Australian Labor Party (list all)58641923107
One Nation (list all)42671095813
One Nation (list all)42679105813
Australia First Party (list all)61410897253
Socialist Equality Party (list all)87419635102
Socialist Equality Party (list all)32964181057
Socialist Equality Party (list all)10963185724
Australian Protectionist Party (list all)73510981642
Building Australia Party (list all)13410987265
Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues) (list all)23591087164
Liberal Democrats (list all)45310871629
Stop The Greens (list all)45310871629
Pirate Party (list all)43126785109
The Greens (list all)42315769810
Stop CSG (list all)21346958107
Stable Population Party (list all)21389107456
Stable Population Party (list all)21310897456
Stable Population Party (list all)21391087456
Australian Christians (list all)64674785233, 34, 35, 3, 36474181
Greg RUDD (list all)91826435107
Katter's Australian Party (list all)92610781534
The Australian Republicans (list all)45310871629
Family First (list all)91510876234
Australian Democrats (list all)23168954107
Australian Democrats (list all)23169854107
Democratic Labour Party (DLP) (list all)5611698071, 75, 38, 7242, 43, 37, 36, 4413793
Sex Party (list all)13258967410
Shooters and Fishers (list all)52610987134
Uniting Australia Party (list all)74698325101
Rise Up Australia Party (list all)92710856413
No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics (list all)23710986145
Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party (list all)52610978143
Palmer United Party (list all)481464247641, 42, 43, 2738325268
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (list all)34510896217
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (list all)34510986217
Smokers Rights (list all)45310871629
Secular Party of Australia (list all)35124678910

2013 guide for NSW

NSWStop CSGSex PartyStable Population PartyAustralian DemocratsThe GreensLaborLiberalThe NationalsLiberal DemocratsChristian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)Katter's Australian PartyShooters and FishersBuilding Australia PartyNo Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
Liberal Democrats (list all)71136069979179801862385, 93933
No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics (list all)6591014111213748321
Democratic Labour Party (DLP) (list all)95103998110555, 56, 48, 57504931827462115
Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues) (list all)3617141112131089524
Voluntary Euthanasia Party (list all)2135611121371491048
Andrew WHALAN (list all)8610665329, 26, 23, 20, 17, 1430, 27, 24, 21, 18, 151622485044618898
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party (list all)3614910121371481125
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party (list all)3614109121371481125
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party (list all)3614910121371481125
Carers Alliance (list all)7855059447, 46, 45, 43, 2120, 16, 18, 4415, 1777366852629
The Wikileaks Party (list all)2111378910414126513
Rise Up Australia Party (list all)1213791410561128413
Future Party (list all)2311457896141210113
Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) (list all)9136111410781213254
Labor (list all)9687211314511431012
Katter's Australian Party (list all)7148913121011231654
Australian Voice (list all)5617141311121089432
Sex Party (list all)2135910121361411847
Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party (list all)9827, 1047826, 461108086877012, 16, 21, 22, 356635, 3925, 29
The Greens (list all)2534168910137141112
Palmer United Party (list all)1261419132345811107
Building Australia Party (list all)2684141311121059713
Uniting Australia Party (list all)7648141311129110235
Stop The Greens (list all)71136069979179803862385, 93933
Smokers Rights (list all)71136058979179803862385, 93933
Bullet Train For Australia (list all)2634111213149810715
Liberal (list all)1112109141312835467
Australian Protectionist Party (list all)1914713121011864532
Animal Justice Party (list all)7283567737494, 9365521051072026
Australia First Party (list all)2554422710680, 78, 76, 74, 72, 70717566825629610
Australian Independents (list all)7516111412139410238
Drug Law Reform (list all)6231789105141113412
Socialist Equality Party (list all)1139841671214210513
Socialist Equality Party (list all)8146511234911137210
Socialist Equality Party (list all)6124313101279115148
Australian Democrats (list all)3521678914104131211
Australian Democrats (list all)3521697814104131211
Tom WANG (list all)1197562348141012113
Family First Party (list all)3141613121011897524
Stable Population Party (list all)2513910111287613414
Stable Population Party (list all)2513109111287613414
Stable Population Party (list all)2513111291087613414
Shooters and Fishers (list all)9827, 1047826, 461108086877011, 16, 21, 22, 356614, 3925, 29
Stop CSG (list all)12410144361718210080, 79, 73, 70, 676010218104
The Australian Republicans (list all)2095295666484939574100, 244111
Socialist Alliance (list all)2365147810149121113
Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) (list all)3124111413910758621
Pirate Party (list all)3018361137077, 78, 7973, 74329381754491
Secular Party of Australia (list all)7261358941411121013
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (list all)2735445969086, 87, 8885, 3591026513637
One Nation (list all)4951014131112821763
One Nation (list all)4951014111213821763

2013 guide for VIC

VICAustralian DemocratsThe GreensAustralian Labor PartyLiberalThe NationalsFamily FirstBullet Train For AustraliaKatter's Australian PartyDLP Democratic LabourNo Carbon Tax Climate ScepticsCountry Alliance
Rise Up Australia Party (list all)8119564173210
Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues) (list all)4891011317526
Liberal (list all)8111012397465
Liberal (list all)8111012497365
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party (list all)2671011835914
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party (list all)2761011835914
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party (list all)19605492, 93, 9594752746851538
Family First (list all)4111089126537
Country Alliance (list all)739218, 19, 14, 2015, 16, 1117713537271
Secular Party of Australia (list all)1235611471098
No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics (list all)7118910345216
Bank Reform Party (list all)4118910316527
Stable Population Party (list all)2678931510114
Stable Population Party (list all)2967831510114
Stable Population Party (list all)2896731510114
Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party (list all)6111089217435
Shooters and Fishers (list all)6111089217435
Building Australia Party (list all)3111089417625
Australian Voice Party (list all)4111089325716
Australian Independents (list all)1811910247365
The Greens (list all)3147862591110
Joseph TOSCANO (list all)3127811469105
Stop CSG (list all)9384479, 777319753819367
Katter's Australian Party (list all)1011987561432
Palmer United Party (list all)8208129, 28, 313041445897367
Animal Justice Party (list all)1891011425736
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (list all)3111098246715
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (list all)3119108246715
The Wikileaks Party (list all)1345672910118
Australian Democrats (list all)1478932510116
Australian Democrats (list all)1497832510116
Sex Party (list all)2768911351041
Australian Labor Party (list all)3219108567114
Drug Law Reform (list all)1345682101197
Drug Law Reform (list all)1364582101197
Bullet Train For Australia (list all)2981110517634
Australian Christians (list all)1011978254316
Citizens Electoral Council (list all)7118910143256
Citizens Electoral Council (list all)9111078143256
Bob NICHOLLS (list all)1918202579841085, 218682
Socialist Equality Party (list all)8691231071154
Socialist Equality Party (list all)1191456210387
Socialist Equality Party (list all)3147895261110
Pirate Party (list all)1257811394106
DLP Democratic Labour (list all)1011987462153

2013 guide for TAS

TASAustralian GreensAustralian Labor PartyLiberalFamily First
Country Alliance (list all)4213
Liberal Democrats (list all)4321
Australian Labor Party (list all)2143
Rise Up Australia Party (list all)4321
Liberal (list all)4312
Palmer United Party (list all)2431
Australian Christians (list all)4321
DLP Democratic Labour (list all)4321
Pirate Party (list all)1234
Australian Greens (list all)1243
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party (list all)2143
Shooters and Fishers (list all)4231
Australian Independents (list all)2431
Sex Party (list all)2134
Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues) (list all)2341
Katter's Australian Party (list all)3421
No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics (list all)4231
Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party (list all)4231
Stable Population Party (list all)2341
Stable Population Party (list all)4231
Stable Population Party (list all)3421
Smokers Rights (list all)4321
Family First (list all)4321
Stop The Greens (list all)4321

2013 guide for SA

SAAustralian GreensAustralian Labor PartyLiberalNational PartyNick Xenophon GroupNo Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
Socialist Equality Party (list all)134652
Socialist Equality Party (list all)512436
Socialist Equality Party (list all)461325
Family First (list all)642351
Australian Democrats (list all)2331324930, 4459
Secular Party of Australia (list all)235