OzPolitic Webring

http://www.advantagein.com/politics "An alliance with solutions to help the country politically. A wide range of exciting policies is listed and needed for a new alliance to gain support. A survey will also help us find what the public wants so the alliance can gain support and hopefully hold the balance of power."

This is a free Australian politics webring. It was set up in response to the other webring site deciding it should charge for membership. The rules will be the same - your site must be finished and meet the same navigational standards - ie a link back to the home page on every page in the site.

To join, simply place a prominent link back to this webring (http://www.ozpolitic.com/webring/webring.html) on your homepage, then email us the URL for your homepage. We will then add a link to your site on this page. Fancy graphics and webring code will come later if this takes off, so keep in touch.

Reciprocal links

OK, not much interest in the webring. I'll put most of the reciproical links in here. Note that the image sizes may be reduced later as the number of links on this page increases.