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Racist Beaches the sequel (Read 524 times)
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Re: Racist Beaches the sequel
Reply #15 - Jul 20th, 2019 at 11:48am
Raven wrote on Jul 18th, 2019 at 9:15pm:
.JaSin. wrote on Jul 16th, 2019 at 9:00pm:
In Racist Beaches (#1)

...there is a prominent view that you have to be 'Black' to be Aboriginal.

This is a flawed point.

You didn't have to be looking like an Italian to be a 'Roman' and you don't have to be 'White' to be British.

Rome was more than a 'race' as it was populated from peoples around the world.

Even the Picts of Scotland didn't fight against 'Italian' Romans.

So lets just say that an Aboriginal can be Blonde hair, blue eyes or even Yellow.
Being Aboriginal is a way of life - a 'culture'.

Raven is prone to agree with you.

Raven is considered an Aboriginal in the wider community in which he grew up even though Raven is 100% White.

Due to certain circumstances Raven was raised in a predominantly aboriginal community.

However Raven is only considered an Aboriginal in this community, should he go to the south west or Queensland he would not be considered as such.

People with aboriginal blood are a bit different, as an old aunty once said "it doesn't matter how much milk you add to your tea, it's still tea."

The majority of aboriginal people consider a person with aboriginal blood an Aboriginal. It doesn't matter if you are fair skinned.

Aboriginal people hate the terms "half-caste" "quarter-caste" "quadroon." It's demeaning to them. For two hundred years they watched as their population dwindled but then saw an increase in mixed blood children. In them they saw an opportunity, a voice. Someone who can walk between two worlds, someone who has a better chance to advocate for aboriginal people.

Being aboriginal is more then the colour of your skin, it's about kinship and heritage.

Half castes, quarter castes  & quadroons & less hate the terms.

They are what they are, people of mixed race.

I was on a property in the Gulf near Doomadgee 25 years ago & one of the Aboriginal stockmen there told me/us that he was referred to as a Yellow fella by full blood tribal people & was often ostracised by other skin groups.

And he was a black enough fella for me not to think he wasn't Aboriginal.

Just because you have a touch of a different race in your background doesn't make you singularly that race or culture.

Especially if you've never really been bought up in said culture.

And what about the kinship and heritage of the rest of said persons ancestry? Why is that not recognised?

I'm of Irish, English, Scots & German ancestry .... I claim to be none of those .... I'm Australian.
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