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A mosque, is where hatred is preached. (Read 255 times)
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A mosque, is where hatred is preached.
Apr 5th, 2019 at 10:56am

A mosque, is where hatred is preached.


'A mosque, is where hatred is preached. I don’t want that in Italy.'

paraphrasing Northern League leader, Matteo Salvini

WWW search....

"Some people would prefer to pray on the Koran, a religion where women have fewer rights than men.
Where they preach hate from mosques. I don’t want that," said Northern League leader Matteo Salvini


I recommend the     "UNDERCOVER MOSQUE"     video to you.

WWW search....
dispatches undercover mosque, channel 4, -Return

"Undercover Mosque" was an investigation by Channel 4 in the UK [broadcast in 2007], that sought to reveal disturbing details, of 'what went on', in many UK mosques.

That investigation [through the use of hidden cameras] uncovered that sermons in many UK mosques were preaching;
1/ enforcing a cultural separation and disengagement, from secular UK society [so as to prevent 'Western' corrupting influences, being adopted by their wives and children].
2/ the overthrow of British laws, government and democracy [by UK moslems, who ought to be dedicated to working to that end].
3/ naked hatred of non-moslems.

....and much more!!!


Undercover Mosque

Undercover Mosque is a documentary programme produced....for the Channel 4 series Dispatches that was first broadcast on 15 January 2007 in the UK.

The documentary presents video footage gathered from 12 months of secret investigation into mosques throughout Britain.

The documentary caused a furore in Britain and the world press due to the extremist content of the released footage.

Undercover Mosque generated controversy because it contained footage of      British imams      making the following statements:

...of non-Muslim laws: "You cannot accept the rule of the kaffir...[w]e have to rule ourselves and we have to rule the others."[3]

...of apostates: "If the imam wants to crucify him he should crucify him. The person is put up on the wood and he's left there to bleed to death for three days."[4]

...on the deficiency of women's minds: "Allah has created the woman, even if she gets a PhD, deficient. Her intellect is incomplete, deficient. She may be suffering from hormones that will make her emotional. It takes two witnesses of a woman to equal the one witness of the man."[4]

...Praises the killer of a British soldier serving in Afghanistan...

...Abdullah el-Faisal: "You have to bomb the Indian businesses, and as for the Jews you kill them physically."[6]

...Advocates violent Jihad against the non-Muslims and predicting that an army of Muslims will arise against the non-Muslims in England.[3]

...on marriage with girls before puberty: "The prophet Muhammad practically outlined the rules....that is why we shouldn't have any issues about an older man marrying a younger woman..."[4]

...Condemns Muslim integration into British society.[3]

    Calls for the overthrow of the British government and democracy.     "...for the time that is fast approaching where the tables are going to turn and the Muslims are going to be in the position of being uppermost in strength, and when that happens, people won’t get killed – unjustly."[6]

...."You are in a situation in which you have to live like a state within a state, until you take over."[8]
[i.e. counselling the moslem, to always act deceitfully, towards his disbeliever 'friends'. ]

....Al Jibali: "By the age of ten, it becomes an obligation on us to force her to wear hijab, and if she doesn’t wear hijab, we hit her."[6]   [ "ISLAM is the most feminist religion" - Yassmin Abdel-Magied ]

...[praising the Saudi practice of lawfully killing people who refuse to attend mosque to pray...] "....bring the punishment on you, you will be killed, and nobody will pray on you."[6]

...that homosexuals should be killed...."throw [the homosexual] off the mountain."[6]


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"....And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead." Luke 16:31
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Re: A mosque, is where hatred is preached.
Reply #1 - Apr 5th, 2019 at 10:57am

- EVERYWHERE, 24/7/365

WWW search....
islamic schools in UK teaching hate and segregation
UK, mosque preach hate hatred
america, mosque preach hate hatred
france, mosque preach hate hatred
brussels, mosque preach hate hatred
pakistan, mosque preach hate hatred


It is wholly counter-intuitive, for any person to believe, that hatred of everything non-ISLAM, being preached in mosques, is 'out-of-place'.

We should not think or believe, that hatred, towards non-moslems [and against non-ISLAMIC systems of living], being preached in mosques, is 'out-of-place' or at all extraordinary.
[notwithstanding the insistent, bare-faced, lying denials, which moslems living here in the West will make.]

This hatred, is NOT 'out-of-place' or at all extraordinary.

The mosque is a meeting place of believers [followers of ISLAM], for prayer and for praise of Allah.

And the mosque is a place,    ....where the tenets and doctrines of ISLAM are studied, discussed and taught.

So, AT ITS CORE, what does ISLAM teach ???

ISLAM, AT ITS CORE, teaches believers, to hold a never-ending and deep hatred, of all disbelievers.

"......the curse of Allah is on those without Faith."
Koran 2.089

"....Lo! Allah is an enemy to those who reject Faith."
Koran 2.98

"....those who reject Allah have no protector."
Koran 47.008
v. 8-11



To destroy everything which is not ISLAM, is ISLAM's 'reason for being', and it is, and always has been, ISLAM's primary imperative in the world.

WWW search....
" a moslem....i must have hatred towards everything which is non-ISLAM."

Witness, during a mosque 'open day' in the UK, a moslem community leader feigning respect and friendship - towards a group of non-moslem visitors...


"The Undercover Mosque: The return"
     [ the UK]

"...the Regent's Park Mosque in London is the establishment mosque in Britain, and that it puts on a face of moderation and support for integration of Muslims into British society."

"...A group of Christians visiting the mosque and the preacher and the Women's Circle treat [the Christians] kindly and talk about,

'We're all people of the book and we all come from the same history'."


"Just as soon as that group of visitors [the Christians] leaves, the language changes completely.

'CHRISTIANITY IS VILE', the preacher says....."


ABC Radio National Religion interview transcript  - "The Undercover Mosque: The return"

".....Stephen Crittenden: .....your program highlights a certain kind of duplicity.

When they're caught out, individuals don't miss a [beat], they just say they've been taken out of context....

The 'facility' of "inter-faith dialogue", established between Christians and moslems living within Western nations, is a process which was intended, to bring a better understanding to both parties, of how close the faiths of Christianity and ISLAM are, theologically.

But in the 'real-world' politik of ISLAM and the moslem community, we see the term and the process, of "inter-faith dialogue" is being used by the moslem community, as a 'messaging tool' to their own community,
about how to interact with local non-moslems, and how to speak 'kindly' to local non-moslems, about ISLAM!!

i.e. 'Be careful how you speak, and
"don't frighten the horses"
' !!!

'We moslems should continue to pretend, for now, that our stance towards the Christians is;'

'We're all people of the book and we all come from the same history'."

" The Prophet said, "War is deceit." "

hadith/bukhari/ #004.052.269

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"....And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead." Luke 16:31
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