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Carnivores are Predators? (Read 147 times)
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Carnivores are Predators?
Feb 10th, 2019 at 3:01am
In the Animal Kingdom, the Rule of the Jungle is that the Predator is always the Carnivore. Herbivores do not hunt other Animals. It is in essence - much like Man & Wife.

Maybe not?

Seems that the majority of murderers in human society had a low tolerance for eating meats and thrived on vegetables and fruits. Vegans fit the diet of the typical Global Murderer.

Solomon Islanders though - ate no meat, other than Human. The majority of their diet was fruits with some odd vegetables thrown in. These 'Vegans' killed Humans only to 'eat them', not to war. 200 Chinese 'boat people' landed in the Solomon Islands. A few years later, there was a follow up on the whereabouts of such a boat of people that went missing? They discovered two young Chinese boys on the Solomon Islands at some village. Belongings to a lot of other Chinese were found scattered around the communities of villages. Not one item was 'owned' by any one Solomon Islander as if to say, we don't need this.
Eventually the reality of what had happened to the 200 missing Chinese boat people sunk in and when the Solomon Islanders were asked
"...why they didn't eat the two young boys?"
the chirpy villagers replied
"Because they were too scrawny!"

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