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737 crash: Boeing declined to comment - bad karma (Read 188 times)
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737 crash: Boeing declined to comment - bad karma
Nov 7th, 2018 at 5:36pm
Boeing declined to comment indeed.

Boeing is 'planning' to write to Airlines? Really!

All 737s should be grounded until the cause of the problem is identified and rectified.

What if another 190 people die because of defective software and or hardware on Boeing 737s.

The USA FAA is complicit if there is another 'accident'.

Lion Air crash: Boeing and FAA to issue advice to airlines on 737 Max jets – report
Bulletin follows investigation into crash in Indonesia last week, killing 189 people, Reuters says

Guardian staff and agencies

Wed 7 Nov 2018 05.36 GMT

Boeing is planning to write to airlines using its 737 MAX jet about how to deal with erroneous cockpit readings that could cause the airliner to dive, according to reports.

Lion Air crash: black boxes reveal plane had airspeed problems on last four flights

The advice is based on preliminary information gathered in the investigation of a Lion Air flight that crashed in Indonesia last week killing all 189 on board, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters.

The Wall Street Journal reported that US aviation regulators also intended to issue safety warnings about potentially suspect flight-control software. The advice from the Federal Aviation Authority would be binding on all US carriers flying Boeing 737 Max 8 versions.

Experts say the Boeing notice could be about the “angle of attack”, which is the angle of the wing relative to oncoming air stream, a measure that indicates if a plane is likely to stall.

Indonesian accident investigators said on Monday that an airspeed indicator on the crashed jet was damaged for its last four flights, but US authorities responded cautiously to suggestions of fleet-wide checks.

The news was first reported by Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. It said the bulletin to airlines would alert pilots to follow existing procedures to address the issue.
Boeing declined to comment.
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Re: 737 crash: Boeing declined to comment - bad karma
Reply #1 - Nov 7th, 2018 at 6:00pm
its very likely too soon to comment... it could start a mass panic....

I would think most pilots would be looking very carefully at what  air speed  flight software. they had on board... in fact they have all been warned to do just that...
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