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Catherine Deneuve, decries 'witchunt' against men (Read 949 times)
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Re: Catherine Deneuve, decries 'witchunt' against men
Reply #15 - Jan 12th, 2018 at 11:59am
Neferti wrote on Jan 11th, 2018 at 4:12pm:
Catherine Deneuve is Old School.

Men have always tried it on with an attractive, young women. I got propositioned many times when I was young and even when not so young.  A slap across the face or a "grow up" told them I was NOT interested. Some were The Boss but why would I allow that person to take advantage. I never lost a job because I told "him" to back off.

Young females these days are sooks.

Catherine Deneuve was a babe in her younger years she must have come across this type of behaviour on a regular basis with men trying to get into her nickers.

So you were/still are a spunk Nef sounds like you and CD knew how to handle the situation at hand.

That's being a WOMAN and taking control of the situation.

Putting the pigs in their place and the bumbling idiots back to reality.

That's how it should always be............... Cool
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