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Muslims have a lot to learn from Zionists (Read 7957 times)
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Re: Muslims have a lot to learn from Zionists
Reply #75 - Feb 14th, 2009 at 10:09pm
It's quite amusing to watch you all tip toeing around this one. Knowing full well that supporting the principals of the "Zionist project" would not be too comfy for you, if someone else decided to do it your country. And on the flip side knowing you gotta not back away from your support for it, cos you've all staked too much of your credibility on it already.

There is no tiptoeing Abu. All there is, is you trying to equate zionism with believing Israel has a right to exist, and everyone else trying to make sense of your convoluted justifications for this. We have seen your ludicrous demands for 'all' the zionists here to answer questions for you, but so far I am the only one you would willingly label a zionist. People didn't take you seriously because they are not zionists, that's all.

"some arbitrary time in history" doesn't really do justice to the image of millions of Palestinians still languishing in refugee camps on the borders of their former home...

You left out the rockets bit. And the 'great victories' they are having over Israel.

Hello?? they expanded from day one of the UN giving them half of a country in which they owned only about 2% of the land. And till this very day, that we write this thread, they continue to expand.

Actually, you often claim that a Caliphate would only expand in self defense. Obviously the real Caliphate never lived up to this and it turned into a warmongering empire. Strangely enough, Israel comes far closer than the caliphate ever managed. It only expanded into a tiny fraction of the land occupied by the people who attacked it and were given a humiliating thrashing. Perhaps that's why you refuse to give any details on the thread about Israel and Islamic concepts on spoils of war. You are complaining about a standard that is far higher than the one you have yourself.
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